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A Revolutionary Moment.

Perhaps we felt so immersed in how historic a city Boston is that we forgot to actually go in search of the history. We were on the tourist trail, on the art trail, on the retail trail and I, for … Continue reading

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I’m having trouble keeping up. First we were told that masks were of no use in keeping COVID19 at bay; now we have state orders to wear them. Wha? Oh, well, as it turns out the “health experts” lied to … Continue reading

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How to Remember the Alamo.

It reads almost like a folk tale. In March of 1836, a few hundred men huddled in a roofless fort, fighting to the death in a quixotic battle against two thousand Mexican soldiers commanded by the autocratic and ruthless General … Continue reading

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Orvieto, Part One, the Duomo: God is in the Details

It wasn’t easy to leave Rome. (Who in their right mind would voluntarily leave Rome?) Plus, it was threatening to rain. And while our driver, Fabrizio, seemed capable and friendly, his English was only slightly better than our Italian, and … Continue reading

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A Last Look at Rome

It’s hard to let go of Rome. I have such  a jumble of memories: first, the incomprehensible scale of the place and its art – St. Peter’s! The Colosseum! Bernini! The Baths of Caracalla! Then there are the more prosaic … Continue reading

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Five for the Fourth

Five great books to put the fireworks in your Fourth of July celebration: 1. 1776 by David McCullough So good I’ve read it twice! 1776 is an exciting and thorough survey of that most seminal year in our country’s history. … Continue reading

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Retracing History: The Gettysburg Battlefield

“This is a human story and that is what continues to draw people here today”, said our guide, Larry Korczyk, as we began our tour of the Gettysburg battlefield. We stood on Seminary Ridge, looking out toward McPherson’s farm, where heavy … Continue reading

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Battle Plan: Four Things to Know Before Visiting Gettysburg

A brief but fierce thunderstorm broke overhead as we neared Gettysburg, bringing to mind the sound of cannon fire and cataclysm. This was a long-envisioned visit for me and the CE, both of us having fallen a little ways down the rabbit … Continue reading

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Road Trip: Valley Forge

A funny thing happened on our way to Gettysburg – we ventured off the beaten path and somehow slipped back another century in time. We set off from the city on a fine spring morning. As happens every time I … Continue reading

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Squares in Savannah

It’s hip to be square in Savannah. (And yes, we qualify!) Well, at least it’s hip to do squares in Savannah. General James Oglethorpe, the most revered gentleman in the state of Georgia (with the possible exception of Uga, the … Continue reading

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