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Good morning NYC.

Arm still broken, so can’t much type. Back still sprained, so can’t much sit. Three hours sleep, so can’t much think. Almost worth it for this beauty of a sunrise. Try again next week… Is  it too early for a … Continue reading

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Just add chicks!

Ran into neighbors the other day who were lamenting their dwindling flock of chickens. When you have just a handful of hens and no rooster and you live in an area where hawks patrol daily and coyotes prowl by night, … Continue reading

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A new chicken chapter.

Because things weren’t complicated enough with a new puppy and a broken arm, right? Life must go on, and Bella was broody. How broody? This broody: And once Bella goes broody, she goes fiercely, stubbornly, decidedly, indubitably broody. She sits … Continue reading

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Jail bird?

Q: Why did the chicken cross the courtroom? A: Because Maurice, the rooster, is on trial – for being a rooster! Until recently, Maurice lived peacefully in the French island village of Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron with his three French hens and devoted … Continue reading

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Starting a list

List: Things you can’t do with one arm… Type Therefore, blog. Pretty much anything else. I’ll try again next week…

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Picture books.

Reading is something I used to do.  That is, before life was recently upended in May and June. Five books a month is my usual standard, but I’ll be lucky if I finish one this month. No time to read … Continue reading

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Family Album: We’re in Training.

You would think we’d have it figured out by now. Practice makes perfect, right? But even though we’ve raised four kids and we’re on our fourth dog, we are most definitely still learning. About kids. About dogs. And about kids … Continue reading

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