Chilling in NYC

There’s no bad time to be in Manhattan, but, note to self, the second week of March might not exactly be the best time…

It seemed ever so slightly bleak after sunny Sedona, but still, we were grateful to finally be back in our favorite city. First order of business, put on our puffers…

and head to BG Restaurant for lunch. Our friend Corinna still remembered us after our many months away…

and surprised us with a dessert that had spring written all over it – strawberry shortcake!

It was fun to explore the 7th floor at Bergdorf, which, despite the wintry weather outside, was bursting with color and anything but bleak.

It was a model that worked for us. Terrible weather, wonderful lunch:

And then, finally, one day, some blue sky, best enjoyed with the view from Milos at Hudson Yards:

…and another great lunch, starting, as always, with the awesome “Milos Special”:

Still, it was COLD out, especially near the river, where the fierce gusts wind nearly toppled this old lady, so we headed down to the snappy new 34th Street subway station, which puts every other subway station to shame,

and popped out at Grand Central. My heart turns flip-flops for Vanderbilt Hall, every single time!

That’s the thing about NYC. It just never, ever gets old, and we never, ever fail to get that jolt of a thrill around every corner when we’re there.

We saw the new Camelot in previews:

and spent a night at the opera, beginning with an ever so civilized dinner at the Grand Tier.

Toward the end of our stay, there were signs of spring:

We even ran into the Easter Bunny in the Park!

A week or two later we heard the cherry blossoms were unfurling and the trees leafing out and I ache to have missed it. But whatever time you have in the city is the best time of all, right?

“New York is always hopeful. Always it believes that something good is about to come off, and it must hurry to meet it.”

— Dorothy Parker

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  1. citymama says:

    Thank goodness for the endless food options in NYC in March! 😂

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