Misfits in Sedona.

When I was mapping out our Grand Canyon trip, I spied Sedona to the southeast, conveniently not too far out of the way for returning to the Phoenix airport, and thought hey, why not tack on a few days? After all, everyone says Sedona is amazing.

And it is! As they say, there’s a 100% forecast of red rocks every single day.

It’s especially amazing for hardy hikers, trinket shoppers, New Age crystal aficionados and vortex seekers.

So what were we doing there?

The nice young gentleman who showed us to our casita at Enchantment Resort made the assumption that we were there to “experience” the vortex until he saw the blank looks on our faces. Vortex? What’s a vortex?

Well, not our thing. And hardy hiking? Sadly, and regrettably, also not our thing. Crystals? Well, we know God is in the details, but crystals are not our thing either.

What the heck were we doing in Sedona?

We had to do some workarounds.

We ate breakfast and stared at the amazing rocks.

And, while we can’t scramble around the rocks or leap across ravines, we did have lovely, manageable, memorable walks each day.

We went over to the L’Auberge de Sedona for lunch and a peek at the creek.

And we took a field trip! Just up the road a piece is Montezuma’s Castle, a fascinating former Indian dwelling and one of our country’s first national landmarks as designated by dear Teddy Roosevelt back in 1906.

Bonus was stopping in Cornville on the way back to Sedona:

And about those trinkets. While West Sedona’s shops didn’t draw us in, we discovered the charming Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village where I found “trinkets” I liked at many of the stores, including Renee Taylor Jewelry. Isn’t this one pretty?

And then, of course there were dinners. The lamb shank at The Creekside was epic,

and we had lovely meals at Enchantment’s Tii Gavo and Che Ah Chi

Oh, and by the way, while Sedona seems like the most laid-back place in the galaxy, you’d better plan ahead for restaurant reservations. The popular Elote Cafe was booked two months ahead, so we missed out on that one. Maybe next time…

We still don’t really know what a vortex is all about, but I can say that we certainly slept well while we were there, which counts for something! We don’t really fit the Sedona profile, but we loved our three days there and will remember those stunning red rocks forever. Such a fun trip!

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  1. dizzyguy says:

    Sedona is surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes of red rock formations. We were fortunate enough to be sited among them so we had constant views. As mentioned, we enjoyed our morning hikes into the canyons of those rocks. Just a wonderful experience and I think we would both gladly return to this place.

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