A Christmas to remember.

It started off brilliantly. We found a beautiful tree this year and these two came up from LA for a cozy tree-trimming visit.

We hosted a party for the church and Lily loved being the center of attention.

Julia and Cece were there to help revive the graham cracker house tradition.

All was calm.

All was bright.

We had a wonderful weekend trip to LA. These two hosted THE party of the season:

So much fun!

We also got to chill with this guy at the Beverly Hills Peninsula.

It was all so merry.

We were ready for a fabulous family Christmas.

And then…

Santa sent home a souvenir with us from LA.

But we were bound and determined to have fun! Kudos to Thomas and James for cheerfully sleeping on the couches due to quarantine.

Everything seemed reasonably under control as we progressed to Christmas dinner. Randy outdid himself in the kitchen! And everything was perfect…

…um, until the fire alarm went off. Oops.

The unraveling continued with a trip to urgent care for Taylor the next day. The chorus of coughing might be what prompted the rest of the family to skedaddle, while Tina and fam never made it up here to open their stockings since Santa sent a sinus infection her way.

At least some of us stayed healthy!

And so far, I’m testing negative, but even the common cold can pack a wallop. Looking forward to changing the calendar page to January and leaving all this behind.

Happy New Year!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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