Boston, by land and by sea.

Those Boston Brahmins must have been ready to clutch their pearls when the likes of the CE and I blew in from California. Luckily, oh so luckily, two dear – and much more refined – friends happened to be visiting the same weekend. Many thanks to Judy and Wendy for making our Boston trip memorable…and for classing us up 🙂

The four of us had a fun dinner at Abe & Louie’s, a steakhouse recommended to me by a former Bostonian as her “very favorite restaurant in Boston”. It is now also my favorite restaurant in Boston!

Next day the CE and I were on our own. We absolutely loved wandering the Boston Public Garden!

Such a gem – I kept saying it seemed like a miniature Central Park. And no wonder! As it turns out, the Boston Public Garden is part of what is known as the “Emerald Necklace”, an 1,100 acre-chain of nine parks all designed by Frederick Law Olmstead in the 1880’s. Olmstead, along with his design partner Calvert Vaux, had designed the magnificence of New York’s Central Park in 1858 and Olmstead’s genius is resplendent in his later work as well.

Olmstead also lent a touch to the Commonwealth Avenue Mall, which was primarily designed by nineeteenth-century architect Arthur Delevan Gilman. We walked it for several blocks, admiring the statuary which includes this grand depiction of Alexander Hamilton:

We reluctantly broke away from the Mall to walk over to Newbury Street, Boston’s charming not-to-be-missed shopping district:

We headed back to the Four Seasons Boston to rest our feet and re-charge. Located right across the street from The Public Garden, it’s an excellent location. Best of all, it features a “vault”, chock-full of candy and snacks that can be accessed by your room key. The CE loved it!

After the candy re-fuel, we explored the city’s historic Beacon Street:

with its lovely brownstones all dressed up for fall…

And then we dipped down the hill to walk along the famed Charles River for a bit. Boston seems like such a great walking city! Well, except for the cobblestones. And, yikes, the snow! I think early October is the perfect time to visit.

We met up with Wendy and Judy the next evening for a fun sunset cruise of Boston Harbor.

Boston is smaller than I’d expected, but has a pretty skyline…

And so much history! We didn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Have to return! Same time next year, Wendy and Judy?

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