Family Album: a last slice of summer.

We truly loved Santa Fe but all the while we were there I felt a palpable tug, the pull of the Pacific. How lucky that we headed next to Newport Beach, where we settled in at the Balboa Bay Club and awoke the next morning to our choice of yachts:

Oh, but the best view was just across the way. Tina took us on a tour of her remodel:

And when it’s done it will match perfectly with her zillion dollar view:

Another highlight of the day was the traditional visit to that OC icon, Roger’s Gardens. It’s an absolute must-see. Also, though, an absolute must-bring-a-very-stuffed-wallet kind of place. Pricey. Gorgeous.

Angie, James and Randy popped down from LA so it was almost a reunion. Good practice for the real one coming up in a few weeks!

After dinner, a waterside nightcap by the fire pit. Doesn’t get more SoCal than that!

Next day, Tina and Ace treated us to a walk at Corona del Mar’s Inspiration Point. Yes, I hear that people are leaving California in droves (and for good reason!) but for as long as we can hang on I guess that just leaves all of us and Acey with more views for ourselves…

And just when the day couldn’t be more perfect – ta-da! Dinner at Nobu with Tina and John:

Unlike Santa Barbara, Newport Beach actually has stores – miles and miles of them! So when in Rome – shop! We logged 3.5 miles in steps at Fashion Island with Tina, Viv and Caleigh!

And the CE got this sweet pic of some mother-daughter bonding. Is Viv actually taller than Tina now??!!

Always hard to leave Newport and say goodbye to this crew:

It was a magical visit. Thanks so much, Tina and fam! xoxo

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1 Response to Family Album: a last slice of summer.

  1. citymama says:

    we are all so very lucky and blessed. ❤️

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