Aging gratefully.

If one must be aged, every birthday should be one for the ages, right? This one most certainly was, with not one, but two most memorable lunch events.

The first one was positively sublime. When that divine, almost-secret garden Lotusland announced a book launch event scheduled ever so conveniently near my birthday, I instantly snagged a table for ten. This year, instead of my friends taking me out for birthday lunches, I took them to one!

It began with the ever magical walk through the garden, which the occasional opera singer and frequent bride (married six times!) Madame Ganna Walska created on her 37-acre Montecito estate.

The lotus are not quite yet in bloom, but lovely even so.

Yes, it is sobering to realize I might be even older than this redwood…

But never mind. We were there to enjoy. And yes, we wore hats!

The walk leads to the upper lawn, where luncheon was served.

The actress Jane Seymour gave a lovely speech but I forgot to take a photo of her because I was focused instead on this cake:

Hey, it was my birthday! I had to eat it!

While lunch number one was positively sublime, lunch number two was ever so slightly ridiculous, because the CE’s and my party guest was none other than Lily. I challenge you to name a place more dog-friendly than Montecito’s lovely Rosewood Miramar!

And while our crew might not be quite as debonair and dapper as the Miramar’s owner Rick Caruso and his pup…

I still think they’re keepers!

Lily ordered steak and eggs from the “Pampered Pet” menu. For $15, I’m going to ask for that next time!

Here she is being a very good girl and waiting for the CE’s signal to dive in:

My lunch was more expensive than hers, but it did come with a knife and fork…

Two absolutely perfect days made it (almost) worth adding another year. Judging from these festivities, if I’ve done nothing else with all these decades, at least I’m learning how to celebrate 🙂

“It takes a long time to become young.”

— Pablo Picasso

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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