Trying to just let grow…

Is there anything more utterly absorbing, endlessly fascinating and maddeningly annoying?

And no, I am not talking about my husband here (although hmmm I suppose I could be…)

I am talking about my fledgling garden, the one that went nowhere last year and probably headed nowhere this year but I just can’t stop myself from trying. I think it’s moments like today when I found this tiniest seedling just beginning to sprout:

At some point, if all goes well (and yes, that’s a big IF!) it will grow into a head of Little Gem lettuce and I will be inordinately proud of it.

For a long time, I just assumed gardening was one of the many things off limits to me given my endless list of physical limitations. Can’t lift anything. Can’t get down and dig in the dirt. Can’t even begin to think about shoveling. But it’s amazing how creatively we all began to think amidst the house arrest of the past few years. Workarounds! Maybe there are workarounds!

And of course there are:

1) Table top and container gardening.

2) Grow the easiest things imaginable.

3) Have an extremely helpful husband.

Check, check and check (thank you, Dear). It’s only April and things are starting to grow! It helps to plant some things that are basically invasive weeds, chief among them being mint. We tore vast amounts of volunteer mint out of the tabletop garden and still, it finds a way. Oh well, it’s lovely in lemonade and cocktails.

What might be even easier than mint is dill:

And radishes!

Yes, I have a lot to learn – plant deeper I guess, so they get bigger, but I challenge you to find a happier moment than standing in the garden on a sunny afternoon and biting into a crisp, just-harvested radish.

Or a blueberry…

Lots to learn here, too – I was thrilled to learn that blueberry bushes love pots but I need to work on the soil. I’ll be reading up on it this weekend in Greg Alder’s Yard Posts, which are a nice resource for the southern California gardener.

The one thing I managed to grow last year was snap peas, so I’ve re-embarked on that journey

along with an attempt at their floral cousin, sweet peas. We’ll see how that goes…the sweet peas seem to be taking their sweet time.

And the easiest flower of all? Sunflowers!

My first row met with tragedy shortly after sprouting. Bunnies or snails, I’m not sure which, but I found a workaround that has so far thwarted those wascally wabbits. Look at these sweet mesh cloches I found from Gardener’s Supply:

Lest you should think I have any idea whatsoever of what I’m doing (never mind the fact that I now throw around terms like fish emulsion in everyday conversation) I humbly submit to you my track record with tomatoes. Last year I scored a big, fat zero unless you count the puny, mushy-tasting one that somehow survived on one of my withered vines. No idea what I did wrong (maybe overwatering?) but it was especially hard to take while my next-door neighbor was dropping off scores of tomatoes from her garden. “We have so many we just can’t keep up with them!” Well, I had no choice but to try again. Maybe my neighbor will stop by and talk to them for me.

A homesteader I follow on Instagram made a comment recently that jumped out at me. She said something to the effect of “don’t feel like you need to know everything when you start out at the beginning of gardening.” And that is so true. The trial and error, yes maybe especially the error, is part of the fun. Well, depending on how the tomatoes turn out this year I may feel differently, but for now – I’m just going to let it all grow…

Oh, and of course it’s all easier if you have the cutest garden assistant:

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6 Responses to Trying to just let grow…

  1. Safloytab says:

    ❤️🌷🌱🪴Best wishes!!!☺️

  2. Christina Tunger says:

    Keep up the good work! I’m rooting for you!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. dizzyguy says:

    Fun posting! And your photos are just incredible.

  4. citymama says:

    Talk to RR! He grows everything and can talk endlessly about it! I am clueless.

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