Just faux enough away for us.

When does a groove become a rut?

Maybe it’s when you discuss unironically that the morning walk commenced three minutes late and now we would all be off schedule for the entire day. “All” meaning the two elderlies and the three pets because in this household they have equal votes. Meaning we’re outnumbered. Meaning that yes, we’re basically out of our minds. Time to re-calibrate.

So out came the suitcases and off to the airport we went. Nothing too ambitious, mind you. There’s a nice little direct flight now from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas so basically just an hour from paradise to sin city. What could be easier?

Except that it was raining that day; something that has occurred in our drought-plagued town only twice in the last nine months. And when we finally arrived at our hotel, hours late, we learned that we’d out-maneuvered ourselves trying to set a room upgrade and we had no reservation at all!

Thankfully, this is exactly the kind of challenge the CE embraces. And after a few minutes of earnest conversation with the reservation clerk, we somehow had the keys to a suite. A newly remodeled one, at that!

Just like everything else in Las Vegas, the hotel rooms are out-sized and over the top:

And the entire place is unreal. As in faux. A brief walk down the Las Vegas Strip will take you to Venice, Lake Bellagio and Paris as seen through the eyes of what must have been a Disney imagineer. It’s all too much or all too little for some travelers but faux what it’s worth – we love it!

We settled in for our usual first night dinner at Sinatra, the Wynn hotel’s signature Italian restaurant. I somehow calculated that our three-hour flight delay entitled me to a piece of their terrific olive bread before dinner:

And the CE insisted that we have the chocolate dessert with a hat tip to Frank Sinatra’s fedora. Like I said, everything in Vegas is faux:

And so we eased into our Vegas routine. We’ve been there twice during COVID when things were very quiet and we were mummified in our masks. This time – wow – Vegas was hopping! Conventioneers all over the place and hardly a mask in sight. The CE played poker, and I searched out a 25 cent slot machine- not an easy find anymore!

As usual, I played the whole week with a hundred dollar bill and came home with an extra $20. I don’t spend money on gambling because I prefer to squander it across the street at the Fashion Show Mall. And after all that hard work, the CE and I meet up for the loveliest dinners – you can find a lot to criticize about Las Vegas but the restaurants are amazing!

There was pâté at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon:

Then an evening at Mizumi

where we sat in front of the waterfall and I sipped a “Hanami”, translated as “celebration of flower viewing”:

and then enjoyed a spicy salmon/shrimp tempura roll:

Lunch at Cipriani where I failed to take a photo of the Pappardelle Genovese because it looked like buttered noodles – but after the first bite I realized some real sorcery had gone into the reduction of veal and vegetables that resulted in one of the most divine plates of pasta I’ve ever had. I did take a photo of the vanilla meringue cake. Hey, it came with the prix fixe, I had no choice!

For our last evening, as always, we walked down the Strip to Mon Ami Gabi for steak frites. We time it that way so we can carry half the steak home to Lily as a peace offering for our absence.

I’m not entirely sure she deserved the treat, as she was a bit of a handful – grateful thanks to Christi for dealing with all that. Still, can’t imagine anything better to come home to…

And now we’re back on schedule with the morning walk, happy slaves to our furry masters after a few days off. It was whole lot of fun – faux real!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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8 Responses to Just faux enough away for us.

  1. Christina Tunger says:

    Loved that blog and your photos and descriptions are the best!😍

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Diana Okeeffe says:

    Oh my goodness, Marilyn. Your Vegas sounded heavenly. You probably are not too hungry after all that wonderful food!!

  3. dizzyguy says:

    Another fun getaway to a place that, on the face of it, doesn’t look like a good fit for us. But we keep going back there, eating until we can’t handle any more, and running back to SB to answer for our absence to the 3 member jury. Fun again!

  4. citymama says:

    we are but masters to The Fur and Feather! 😂

  5. Anonymous says:

    You guys know how to “Vegas”… faux real!

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