Failure to launch?

Among the many things that no longer seem possible is the idea of packing a suitcase.

We returned from San Francisco last month certain we had our travel chops back and we were determined to plan another jaunt right away to keep the momentum going.

Momentum? Turns out that’s something other people have.

I went to an actual party earlier this week. A party with lots of people (these days that means more than two) and lots of conversation (these days that means complete sentences) and by the time I came home I was a wreck. “There’s something wrong with me” I told the CE (who is always unfortunately more than happy to agree with that statement although not necessarily for the same reason it was expressed).

“No, seriously,” I said. “Something is wrong.” What is wrong is that other people might think I’m a little nuts to equate two hours at a party with a climb up Mt. Everest.

Cue The Wall Street Journal, just in the nick of time, with an article this week by reporter Alex Janin entitled “There’s Still a Limit to How Much In-Person Socializing Many Can Handle”. The old me would have summed up this collection of “I just can’t” as a bunch of whiny losers. The new me read it over three times and cried out “These are my people!”

People who need to rest up an entire day after a social encounter. Yep. People who describe convivial interactions as being “almost like jet lag where you’re just so bone-tired.”

And now I’m supposed to pack a suitcase? Could anything be more daunting?

I spend hours studying maps and itineraries for the big Return to Travel I’ve been planning since we got knocked down in 2020. We’ll go here and there and there…yeah, maybe in our next life. I supposed part of the problem is age. Part of it angst. Part is inertia. And part of the problem is, um, fur…

Odysseus had his sirens and we have ours:

“You wouldn’t really leave me, would you?”

“I promise to just lay here and stare at you if you promise not to go.”

“Take one step toward the door and I’m gonna mess you up.”

Way back in 2017 B.C. (Before Covid) Victorinix, the purveyor of Swiss Army knives and a range of travel products, conducted a survey that was widely reported for its surprising findings. According to The New York Post, “an amazing eleven percent of survey respondents have never traveled outside of the state where they were born.” Thirteen percent had never flown in an airplane. More than thirty percent of those polled reported that they “don’t own or can’t actually remember buying travel luggage”. This was BEFORE Covid – can you imagine what the responses would be today?

B.C. the CE was begging me to slow down our travel schedule of a trip every six to eight weeks. These days a trip every six months might be ambitious. And that’s presuming we make it past the sentries:

Okay. I gotta go pack because otherwise I am dangerously close to joining the 1 in 10 poll respondents who said they “have no interest in going anywhere”…

“I get the urge for going

but I never seem to go”

-Joni Mitchell

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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3 Responses to Failure to launch?

  1. citymama says:

    uh. i have always been this way. 😬🤣

  2. dizzyguy says:

    Does taking two trash cans to the street at one time qualify as an adventure, or just a trip?

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