Sparkle and shine.

The cats would like to inform you that there are some strange, bearded men standing around the house. No, Taylor isn’t one of them – he’s back up in SF. These guys look different. White hair, distant stares. What are they up to, wonders The Countess.

A band of merry elves stopped by this week to help us get the season started, supervised by Julia and Cece. What a blessing Julia and her family have been to us through the years – not only can she decorate our house with one hand tied behind back but also while holding Cece in the other!

When you’re young, it seems that Christmas will never come soon enough.

When you’re old, it seems like you just put all this stuff away last week and now it’s time to get it all out again!

If my math is right (anyone who knows me will say “doubtful” to that) this is the CE’s and my 45th Christmas together, and I think the 27th one we’ve spent in this house. We’ve acquired our legion of Santas along the way, many of them smuggled in under cover of darkness lest the CE see them and yelp “Not another one!” Oops.

A few years back the CE actually issued a moratorium on new holiday acquisitions. Fair enough, but I’m beginning to notice that, like him and me, some of our stalwart Christmas pals are showing some wear. It can’t be helped. Four decades of yuletide cheer takes a toll on the best of us.

I’ve started decorating the tree and this little guy came out this morning. I think Phyllis made him for one of the girls sometime in the late 70’s. Like any much-loved bear he is starting to look a bit worn but notice he’s still smiling and has a little sparkle going:

I’ve decided that Mr. Bear is going to be my spirit animal for the next few weeks. I’ve grown much shabbier over the years than he has and I fear whatever sparkle I ever had is long gone. At this point, the holidays don’t so much energize me as terrify me.

But, hey, Mr. Bear reminds me: it’s Christmas! Time to get out the tinsel! However shabby and careworn I look and feel, there’s nothing a handful of glitter here and there can’t help, right?

Merry merry!

And P.S., I’m still in the market for a few more Santas…just don’t tell the CE!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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3 Responses to Sparkle and shine.

  1. Christina Tunger says:

    Such great picture taking with photos and your words! Merry Christmas dear friend and you still look beautiful!

    Love, Christi

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  2. dizzyguy says:

    Installing the Christmas decorations, all 20+ tubs of them, is a yearly ritual that inevitably reminds one of the passage of time. How could so many years have gone by so quickly? How can we have had 45 Christmases when I’m only 55? How can Julia still be willing to help us at this time of the year and when did she get those 3 beautiful children? I remain confused. But I do feel blessed to be in on yet another round of this wonderful tradition. Kudos to the CCL for telling our story so effortlessly through word and photo.

  3. citymama says:

    bring on the santas!!!!

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