Family Album: Collecting Candles.

He is quite the collector, the CE. Oriental rugs, books, antiquities, arcania, etc. etc. Through the years he has filled up quite a few walls and closets with his favorite things.

Lately, it seems, though, for both of us that the collections that are adding up – alarmingly fast – are of birthdays! Seems like just yesterday was his 70th…

Yet somehow the 75th was suddenly upon us. How to celebrate the whirling of the years? Seemed to us like it was time for something over the top. And that meant Vegas! A little bit of poker, and then onward to collect a lot of birthday desserts…

We kicked it off with a terrific dinner (and birthday dessert) at SW Steakhouse:

Then a lunch (and birthday dessert) at our longtime favorite, Tableau:

Don’t forget about the poker (where no one seemed to care that it was his birthday):

But there was another birthday dessert at Sinatra:

At Mizumi we had our favorite sushi,

Andddddd another birthday dessert!

We had just finished dinner at Bouchon the next night when a birthday call came in and the waiter asked “Is it his birthday?” Suddenly there was a whoosh and a flourish and a creme brûlée appeared:

Well, I did say the trip was over the top, didn’t I?

And as our time there came to an end, the CE thought it had been a pretty good birthday.

Little did he know…

Along with all the things he’s collected along the way, the collection most precious to him is his children, and three of the four made a heroic effort to surprise him for the mid-milestone birthday. I’m not sure how we all managed to keep the secret, but one by one, Taylor, Daniel and Tina slipped into Las Vegas and gathered to shout out “Surprise!” when we arrived at Mon Ami Gaby for the last dinner of the trip. (Angie was there in spirit):

That is a very, very happy dad!

We had a wonderful dinner, oh, and of course another birthday dessert:

There was a little bit of fun at the tables:

And then we stepped out onto Las Vegas Boulevard:

And ended the evening with a visit to the iconic Bellagio fountains:

We didn’t have a whole lot of time together, but every minute of it was magical.

Truly a birthday to remember.

“The longer I live the more beautiful life becomes.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright

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4 Responses to Family Album: Collecting Candles.

  1. dizzyguy says:

    Yes, it was quite a trip. The surprise visit was, of course, the highlight. Thanks to everyone for making it so special, with an extra call out to the CCL who was the ringmaster of the whole affair. I feel very blessed to have such a loving family!

  2. Christina Tunger says:

    Happy Birthday Steven! Looks like a great time fabulous meals and desserts❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. citymama says:

    love these pics! happy birthday, dad! sorry to miss but we thought of you all day. ❤️❤️

  4. tdevir says:

    It was a fabulous 24 hours in Sin City!! Loved surprising you at dinner, gambling away my $ in record time 💸, watching the beautiful fountain up close with the music, then walking back along the strip – oh the things we saw 😳🤪!! Will be a night to remember for sure. Xo

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