Family Album: 99 never looked so fine!

If age really is just a number, I think we should all choose 99. It surely looks good on Phyllis!

The crown, along with with a sweet pot of flowers, was a gift from Daniel and Victoria. Queen V drove up from LA with the treasures and her sweet visit with PG was one of the birthday girl’s favorite events of a fabulous celebration weekend.

As always, the birthday season kicked off when Gail arrived from Montana – she never misses her mom’s birthday. The two of them celebrated with friends at Maravilla, all of them younger than Phyllis but guess who always wins at bridge;-)

Taylor flew in from San Francisco for a very quick trip. We were so happy to see him we broke out the Booker’s (courtesy of Uncle Mark!) and Lily was so happy to see him that she let him share her couch:

When the big day arrived September 5, we had all the bases covered: There was Phyllis’ favorite, coconut cake, and some almost-too-pretty-to-eat gluten-free cupcakes:

There were, of course, flowers:

And balloons!

Phyllis’ very special friends, Dave and Karen, joined the party:

And the most welcome surprise of all – Tina somehow found the time to drive up from Newport Beach to wish her granny a happy 99th:

We feasted on Labor Day barbecue:

And Daniel called right before the birthday candles were lit:

She made a wish:

And reminded us all to “appreciate every day, because you don’t know what’s coming tomorrow.”

In her case, tomorrow brought plenty of leftover cake. Just as it should! Our wish for her is that every day of this next year will be a piece of cake. We can’t wait to celebrate the 100th!

Phyllis chose this quote to share with us in the wisdom of having lived long enough to know what matters:

“The love that will not let you go is the love that we have for the Lord; but the love the Lord has for us is far greater than what we have for Him.”

– Phyllis, on her 99th birthday

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3 Responses to Family Album: 99 never looked so fine!

  1. tdevir says:

    So glad I was able to make it up to SB to celebrate. It was a wonderful evening, perfectly planned and full of love for Granny. I will always remember her speech and reminder to appreciate each day we have here on earth as you never know what the future holds. Wise words. Cheers to 99! Xo

  2. dizzyguy says:

    Such a wonderful celebration? Thanks to all who traveled to come and thanks to the CCL for all of her hard labor to make this event memorable. And, of course, special tribute to the birthday honoree who has caused so many of these birthdays to be special.

  3. Jessica says:

    Please wish a happy birthday to Phyllis from me, from Chicagoland! Xo

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