LA Weekend.

One Saturday in the mid-70’s when I was very new to California and having some difficulty adjusting to things like purple ice plant blooming in mid-February and the hills on fire in December, the CE suggested we make a day trip to Hollywood.

That sounded like fun! Glitz, glamour and movie stars, I thought.

I thought wrong, of course. We parked and walked to the famous corner of Hollywood and Vine and found a scene that was sketchy, seedy, needy and downright depressing. A sere wind blew trash in small eddies around the sidewalks and I said I was ready to go home. And other than the obligatory forays to LAX, I henceforth mostly avoided the place that Dorothy Parker called “72 suburbs in search of a city”.

LA was a place for other people.

Until recently, when the list of “other people” began to include our progeny. Tina made the move to the OC. Then Angie popped up in Santa Monica. And last fall, Daniel made the cross-country trek to settle in Echo Park. What’s more, he gifted us a night at the stylish Silver Lake Pool and Inn so we could stay in his nabe. I studied the fine print carefully – would people as old as us even be allowed in? Amazingly, yes! And what’s more, Daniel had reserved us the spacious King Studio, complete with a view of the Hollywood sign out of our window.

Once we’d settled in, Daniel and Freddy arrived and after a cocktail at the buzzy hotel pool

they whisked us off to have a glass of wine at their fabulous Elysian Heights digs.

So good to see THESE boys again, too:

Daniel showed off his newly-acquired Formula One driving skills, navigating the narrow, the winding and the treacherous course on the way to Los Feliz for a most wonderful dinner at All Time. I would drive to LA just for another taste of their “good ass salad” and “Steak for 1”. (And we’re buying next time, Freddy!)

Saturday morning we fortified ourselves from the pre-brunch menu at the hotel’s “Marco Polo” cafe.

And Daniel and Freddy arrived to ferry us to our next event, which was – in Hollywood. I guess once every 45 years is about right. It was STILL somewhat seedy and sketchy but that didn’t matter because our crew was all here. So great to see (almost!) everyone for a post-Hawaii reunion.

We all caught up over pizza and then walked a few blocks over to the “Lighthouse” to see Immersive Van Gogh Los Angeles. Such a great exhibit.

Then we were off to the aptly-named The Atrium in Los Feliz for a mid-day cocktail.

Daniel and Freddy had plans that night so the CE and I ventured all the way across the street from our hotel for a tasty dinner of North African fare on the charming courtyard at Bowery Bungalow. Definitely get the fried cauliflower!

And the mini mezze plate…

And suddenly it was Sunday morning and time for us to go. We weren’t ready to leave LA! Daniel softened the blow by stopping by for a leisurely breakfast with us and then, goodbye. That part never gets easier :-/

But there was one more fun phase of the day – shopping in Pacific Palisades for Angie’s almost-birthday. Somehow I missed getting photos – I guess you can just picture lots of dollar bills with wings flying off into the ether beyond the Pacific Ocean…;-) Cold and foggy this morning – glad we got you that cashmere sweater, Ang!

What a truly wonderful weekend. And while I may never be a big fan of the intersection of Hollywood and Vine, I think I now actually like LA. And I can’t wait to go back!

His eyes were the color of the sand

And the sea

And the more he talked to me, you know

The more he reached me

But I couldn’t let go of L.A.

City of the fallen angels

— Joni Mitchell

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2 Responses to LA Weekend.

  1. citymama says:

    i love that you love LA, because we love you coming to visit! i am going to start bugging RR to stay in that chic little hotel someday…it looks wonderful. the crazy thing about los angeles, is EVERY little spot is so different. thanks for coming AND by birthday haul! 🥰❤️

  2. dizzyguy says:

    Such a fun weekend, and discovering unknown areas of LA was a real highlight. And, as mentioned, wonderful to see so much family in such a short visit. Seems like the family center of gravity has moved from NYC to SoCal so break out the sunscreen.

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