And then we wined about the heat…

I’ve more or less made a career of complaining about how cold it is in coastal southern California (if you don’t believe me, show up in a tank top and hang out in one of our epic fog banks) so I was momentarily nonplussed when we arrived in Paso Robles to the tune of 106 degrees. It dropped to the high nineties the next day, but still, wow – it was hot!

So off we went to cool down with a little vino veritas at my new favorite tasting locale, Calcareous Vineyard. We enjoyed the perfect combination of a lovely setting, good food and outstanding wines brilliantly presented by Bryce, a most enthusiatic and knowledgable staff member. And, thankfully, there were plenty of umbrellas to shield us from the sun.

Daniel and Freddy enjoyed the 2020 Calcareous Vin Gris Cuvee:

And the view:

We whiled away a few hours enjoying lunch and leisurely sipping the 2018 Calcareous Tres Violet and Cabernet Sauvignon and admiring the limestone-composed hills from which the winery takes its name.

After some down time back at the hotel, Daniel and Freddy discovered the nearby Alchemist’s Garden where the liquid refreshment was presented in the form of artfully-crafted cocktails:

Next stop was an early dinner at La Cosecha, where the tapas never disappoint.

As the sun drew lower in the sky, we headed ten minutes down the road, to…the absolute middle of nowhere:

We weren’t quite sure what to expect from the Sensorio experience, but we were happy to be there amidst all the food trucks dispensing tacos and champagne by the carafe.

Things grew clearer as the sky grew darker…

What a memorable evening! Definitely recommend it – just purchase your tickets ahead of time so you don’t have to stand in the long line at the entrance.

Sunday was Father’s Day and like the good sport he always is, the non-wine-drinking CE cheerfully volunteered to ferry us to our tasting destinations.

Daniel and Dad, Father’s Day 2021:

First up, truly up – high on a hill – was the stunning Daou winery.

The wines are a bit pricey but the butterfly garden setting is so beautiful – not to be missed. By appointment only, of course, these days, as are all of the wineries.

Then we drove a short distance to our old favorite, Halter Ranch, where we tasted their trusty Grenache Blanc, Rosé and venerable Ancestor wines. All paired quite nicely with lunch. The CE says their gluten-free pizza crust is the best he’s ever tasted, so at least he enjoyed that treat for Father’s Day!

And thus the wining came to an end as we headed back down the coast to our familiar fog bank and, of course, the happiest reunion. Loved our weekend in Paso, and loved coming home to our Lily.

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3 Responses to And then we wined about the heat…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Paso Robles is such a great weekend getaway for us Santa Barbarians. As the photos clearly show, there is plenty of food and drink and beautiful settings to enjoy it in. Count me in for another visit.

  2. citymama says:

    WOW. what a fun weekend! I hope they had some Diet Coke or iced tea for the CE on Father’s Day…hahaha. Beautiful escape. Thanks for sharing! ❤️

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