We went to the prom!

Well, more accurately, the prom came to us. All we had to do was step out the door!

Youth pastor Scott Dupar had a vision and a mission: this past year has been really hard on kids, and he wanted to give the Calvary Chapel senior high youth group one magical night to remember.

His vision required a large open space and it just so happens that we could provide it. The Calvary team worked all day to put it all together.

It was quite a project!

Oh, Lily, PLEASE don’t walk on the incredibly complicated and expensive rented dance floor!

The young adult team asked if they could pre-party with a pool party. Of course!

Lily heard they were having pizza.

As evening drew near, the CE rolled out the red carpet for our guests – literally!

It’s starting to look festive!

They thought of everything, including prom queen and king candidates!

They arrived just as it grew dark.

The CE and I were there to greet them. “You remind me of my great-grandparents” said one young man, who clearly meant that in the nicest possible way.

In all, there were seventy-five prom-goers! The young adult team and some younger students helped serve.

Our long-time friends Pamela and Kirk stopped by to join in the festivities. Here they are with Pastor Scott:

The kids had a blast!

Scott’s vision was brilliant. Our wonderful neighbors were so tolerant. The kids had a great evening. Such a joyful noise!

And then, just like that, it was over. The kids all went home, hopefully with the magical memories Scott and his team worked to give them.

And the next day dawned like every other day. It was almost as if it had been a dream except that the red carpet was still there as proof that we’d welcomed that wonderful group to our home.

“Where’d all my new friends go?” asked Lily. Ahh, I suspect some of them might come back sometime to see her…

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1 Response to We went to the prom!

  1. dizzyguy says:

    It was very exciting to see these kids enjoy themselves in a normal way after such a difficult year dodging Corona. But here is proof that the Party must go on!

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