Family Album: a holiday, anyway!

You can’t keep hungry people down.

Thanksgiving was going to happen one way or another. We turned a day into a week to lighten the (viral) load and we were blessed with the absolute most spectacular weather I think I’ve ever seen in Santa Barbara. Thank you, God!

Tina and the girls and, of course, Ace, and with Thomas in tow, graced the first part of our week:

Viv settled in with the fluffy ones:

img_9694while Caleigh got right to work in the kitchen. Β No holiday can proceed without the chocolate cherry cake.

And since great-Granny is once again on COVID lockdown and couldn’t join us, Evie, Viv and Caleigh went over the river and through the woods to Granny’s house to help her decorate for Christmas. Don’t worry. They’re not turkeys – they were all COVID tested prior to arrival.

As they headed down the road, a new crew arrived:

And let the games begin:

We missed having Taylor with us, but look who else joined us! Daniel just moved to LA and spent his first Thanksgiving at home with us in a decade:


It was Rio’s first Thanksgiving with us, too. He liked the idea of inspecting the pies but didn’t want to hear anything about roasting the bird.

Speaking of pies, I have to give a shout out to Angie’s friend, Lily, whose gluten-free apple pie was the star of our Thanksgiving dinner. I think she’s still baking under the radar but not for long as her muffins and pies are clearly destined for fame. You can find her on Instagram: @valleygirlmuffins

We don’t usually host Thanksgiving. We often aren’t even at home for Thanksgiving. We grumbled all through October and November at our upended plans. Yet somehow, we ended up having one of the most perfect holidays ever. Sunshine, joy and gratitude all around. We all felt so incredibly blessed (especially Lily, who never gets fed from the table except on holidays!)

The CE wasted no time shifting gears. He went straight from pumpkin pie to prepping the Christmas star with James and Thomas (and, of course, Lily)


We salvaged Thanksgiving, and somehow I am confident that we will find our way also to a merry Christmas. The true light shines brightest in dark times.

Isaiah 9:2

The people who walk in darkness
Will see a great light;
Those who live in a dark land,
The light will shine on them.

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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4 Responses to Family Album: a holiday, anyway!

  1. Cat says:

    Happy Thanksgiving β£οΈπŸπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ™

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. citymama says:

    many many blessings to be thankful for. β€οΈπŸ™

  3. tdevir says:

    Love the family posts!! You always get good pics. We had such a wonderful time- thank you for having us!! πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

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