Family Album: Change of Scenery!

Lest life in the cocoon be too cozy, we headed down the road last weekend for the first time in a very long time. We’ve barely left our neighborhood in five months, and we hadn’t seen the SoCal family contingent since January. Way overdue for a meetup!

First stop: Santa Monica, where newlyweds Angie and Randy have some new digs happening. They’re currently kicking back in an ocean view aerie while they build their dream house. Poor them. They have to stare at this all day:



When they aren’t checking up on the construction site:


Moo is not complaining about the view.

IMG_7026Even though he now has to share his place in the sun with James’ new buddy, Rio.


Stand-up guys: Randy, James and the CE


After an amazing lunch at Wally’s (always, always order the Steak Frites!!),


we were back on the road where, for the first time in this century there wasn’t even a slowdown where the 101 meets the 405. Who says there’s nothing good about a pandemic?

We made it to Newport Beach in a flash and stepped into a hotel lobby for what seemed like the first time in forever.


We loved our little bungalow at Pelican Hill:IMG_6898

If you squint, it almost looks like Tuscany:



Only one restaurant currently open and the menu is limited but we weren’t complaining and neither was Tina – Chilean Sea Bass with Forbidden Rice every single night…


And the pool!

IMG_6896John and the girls made the most of it:


And these two had at least one moment of relative peace for the first time in who knows how long:


The CE had plenty of special grandpa time with the girls

IMG_0138And Ace joined us all for a ride on the Duffy. He’s not naughty, he’s nautical!

IMG_6977Oh how we love those rides in Newport Bay:

The girls made the most of their pool time again on Sunday, where they had it almost all to themselves.



Another stop in Santa Monica on our Monday return trip, this one extra special for a brief sighting of Daniel.


Last time we saw him was March 8 in NYC just before the COVID19 storm hit. Feels like we’ve gone full-circle plague by now. But hey, let’s keep our masks on, just in case…


And if there are more waves to come, we’ll just have to cross that Rio when we come to it:


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3 Responses to Family Album: Change of Scenery!

  1. Anonymous says:

    So great to see everybody in person. Not to take away from the Zoom meetings, but it was just special to see everyone’s shiny face in the flesh. Great photos here by the CCL to cement the experience.

  2. Jean Gutsche says:

    What beautiful family get togethers!!!

  3. citymama says:

    so many great photos in this post!!! it was so wonderful to see you both in person. it had been way too long. thanks for making the stop and we will happy to bore you with construction talk any time you want. 😂😂 love you!

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