Family Album: it was very, very, VERY merry.

Not a creature is stirring, because they’ve all gone home, but we had a houseful, and the best Christmas ever.

Auntie Gail arrived first, and then Taylor.


Ron joined Gail this year and we were all – especially Lily – happy to see him.


Then Daniel arrived, who, like everyone else, was instantly smitten with The Countess. (Ummm…still no permanent name; currently trying out “Trinket” but not sure how well it rolls off the tongue…)


And oh, we think Taylor likes her, too!


Granny joined the crew for a pre-holiday dinner…


And then the group grew, and soon included Moo. Let’s just say that these two were just too too…I don’t know how Angie ever got this shot of them standing still.


By Christmas Eve, the gang was all here. We went to afternoon church at the beach and then dinner.


There was a surprise Christmas Eve visit from our long-lost friend Liz…


And then Angie read to the little ones. Our copy of The Night Before Christmas book could not be found, but fortunately How the Grinch Stole Christmas made an excellent last-minute substitute.


At long last, everyone trundled off to bed and once again, magically, Santa came.


He left some most interesting presents under that tree. This Christmas will be remembered ever so fondly as the Year of the Chin-Ja. Thanks a lot, Ang. (And people wonder how it is that he is still single…)


It was also the year of the shirt. Each one perfectly tailored to the weirdness level of its recipient.





Granny was a busy gift-giver and getter…

And Randy joined us for the first time this year. He wasted no time getting into our quirky Christmas spirit.



Tina, John and family in a rare moment of repose…


And don’t worry – the little girls made sure the critters were not neglected.

Daniel and Angie pulled off another three-layer jello mold success. Those Midwestern throwback genes run deep…


Oh, and our 31-lb. turkey will go down in family history as the best bird ever:


To cap it all off, Uncle Taylor led Evie, Viv and Caleigh on a Christmas present scavenger hunt complete with night-vision goggles:



There was a Loop walk;


And a beach walk;

FullSizeRender 2

And then suddenly, it was over. Everyone gone. The house has gone from very, very merry to very, very quiet.

Shhh…we’re resting up for next year.



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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to Family Album: it was very, very, VERY merry.

  1. Christi says:

    Love it, great photos😍

  2. citymama says:

    well, i can tell you that you will NOT be getting a chin-ja next year with THAT attitude!!!! 😂 such a wonderful holiday; you and the CE are always such gracious hosts i’m always surprised when we get invited back. thanks for everything. love you. 🥰😘

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