Family Album: Sinfully Fun.

No one falls for Las Vegas like me. Not even close. I can prove it: one shattered radius, one fractured ulna. And oh, the icing on the cake? Remember how I kept saying my back hurt? Fracture at L-4. I have a feeling I might not be quite 5’8″ anymore.

But ya gotta stand tall (I’m trying!) and get back on the horse that threw you, so here we are again in Sin City. Not exactly good as new, and I’ve got some definite PTSD around marbleΒ floors. Which are everywhere.


You know what else is everywhere?


The best of LA and NYC have outposts here. We can now vouch for Carbone (thanks for the rec, Tina!)


We only looked at these. Added five pounds just walking by.


Just a little taste at Milos.


Had no choice but to order dessert because we were stalling to watch Olivia Jade and dad Mossimo Giannulli one table over, dining with friends. They were not looking the least bit concerned about going to jail.

Speaking of criminal activity, Wolfgang Puck should be locked up for serving this at Spago: Pot de Creme with Caramel Popcorn!


The real fun started when these guys showed up:


But wait. There’s more to come tonight and we cannot wait! (Thanks, Angie and Randy!)


I hear she tumbled off the stage the other night! Yikes! Everyone falls for Las Vegas, I guess…

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4 Responses to Family Album: Sinfully Fun.

  1. lookatthemyt says:

    OmG ! That looks so delicious πŸ˜‹

    BTW, if you have time, please visit my blog and if you like my posts, please follow my blog πŸ™‚ I will #FollowforFollow

  2. dizzyguy says:

    Yes, Vegas is a hoot. The Cirque du Soleil “O” show really wowed the boys. On to GaGa.

  3. Katherine says:

    Hey Girl,
    There’s an Angel Down! I’m Speechless at your back break. I would like to think we could come up with The Cure, but until that time maybe no more Dancin’ In Circles. No more trying to keep up the Perfect Illusion – you weren’t Born This Way and it’s just painful. There are a Million Reasons Why this is not Just Another Day. Do What U Want, but I suggest after enjoying the family (Thank heavens you don’t have a Bad Romance on top of it all, but a great one) and festivities, that you take some time to maybe read and relax a while. xoxo

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