Just a moment(s).

Hunting and pecking is just fine for chickens but not so great for typing, so I’ll keep it brief. Arm still very much broken, back still very much sprained. But NYC has a way of transcending such piffling annoyances.

The real New Yorkers busy themselves elsewhere during summer’s leafy denouement, but we are reveling in it. The days murmur past, rolling by in stately lassitude, but moments find a corner of memory. A few, briefly:

A cheery window table at Nougatine:


They knocked it out of the park! Yankees swept the Red Sox:


Dinner at Balthazar with the kiddo (and cast artfully concealed:-)


Caught in a downpour on the UES that ebbed mercifully just as we were passing The Frick where these thirsty hydrangeas sipped and preened:


Finally saw the sweet “Come From Away” on Broadway with Daniel and Freddy and afterwards dined ever so fashionably late. At home we’re in jammies by 9 pm; here we were just sitting down to a plate of pasta!


A blessedly uncrowded Friday afternoon stroll on the High Line after everyone else seemed to have left town for the weekend:

Way way back when, I half contemplated a half job offer in the city but of course reality and life (and the CE!) set a different path for me. Better late than never. And there are signs that NYC was waiting for me all along 🙂


About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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1 Response to Just a moment(s).

  1. dizzyguy says:

    CCL, I really do believe the city was waiting for you. It has been such a pleasure to experience it with you.

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