Farewell to our party girl.

I always get a catch in my throat when I see an old person with an old dog. Always walking slowly, giving each other time, honoring long years together.

You know what’s sadder than old people with their old dogs? Old people without their dogs.

We lost Soho last week. And as much as we should have known it was coming – almost a year of congestive heart failure, hearing and vision deficits, confusion, weight loss, etc etc. – we were completely unready. She had stopped eating days before. Oh but the vet prescribed an appetite stimulant – maybe that will help. Every walk was a walk too far, so the CE was carrying her up and down the stairs. Oh but maybe next week will be better. Her little body finally gave out as we rushed her to the vet one last time. His eyes filled with tears as he told us it was time to let her go. We carried her home wrapped in a blanket and when we opened it we found that they had covered her with flowers. And oh how we cried.

Fourteen years ago we brought her home. Cute as the proverbial button.

She was adorable. She was feisty and stubborn and yappy and hilarious. She did “zoomies”, racing around in zany circles.

When Chloe joined us a year later, Soho showed her who was boss and that never really changed. Did I mention she was feisty and stubborn?


chloe soho tug of war by Lori

They were Mutt and Jeff, the unlikeliest of best friends.

Soho also loved her humans, family and friends, especially the ones like Dave and Karen and Lori (who took most of the better photos here) and Pamela and Kirk and Christi and Kim and Tammy and Tom who carried her around like the royalty she knew she was.

She loved Kirstie, who kept her dazzling white and festooned with a new bow every week of her life.


She especially loved her overnights with Granny.

And oh, how she loved the CE, who chauffeured her to all the best restaurants in town and who valiantly kept her going with four or five medications a day for the past year.


And then there were the parties.

I’m not sure when or how they began. The first one might have been back in 2005 with a handful of friends goofily celebrating Soho’s birthday.

Soho party 2007 Chadd and Kirk

Somehow the idea caught on and it became an every-other-year event. The guest list grew. And Tammy, caterer extraordinaire and confidante of Soho, made sure each party was more memorable than the last.

I had already started thinking about the next party. It would have been a quinceanera for Soho’s fifteenth. But her little heart gave out and now she lies under the oaks, right next to her beloved sister, Chloe.

It has been the saddest season. Cody, Chloe and now our little pop tart party girl, Soho. The end of an era. Someday perhaps there will be another dog. But for now, at least, the party’s over. We are just old people, without a dog.

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8 Responses to Farewell to our party girl.

  1. Cat says:

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful little soul who brought so much love and energy! She was your little fashionista❣️❤️😘 RIP sweet Soho🐾

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. dizzyguy says:

    So many years of companionship, silliness, and shared experiences. And now another hole in our home and our hearts. So all of those small errands, excursions, and adventures that are the privileged activities of us old retired folk are now rendered a bit empty. I am so sorrowful at the loss of my two good wingmen, nay wingladies, in such a short time. However, we are blessed that Chloho can rest peacefully together under the oak trees, just as their times did arrive together.

  3. Katherine says:

    SoHo-rrible to lose her (and all of our beloved family member-pets.)
    SoHo-peful that you’ll be able to hold her in your hearts without distress soon.
    Much love.

  4. Julia says:

    What a sweet tribute! We are so heartbroken!

  5. Jessica says:

    I’m still struggling with the loss of the trifecta this year, and yet fondly remembering with a smile all of the great times we had together….I had forgotten how little and different she looked as a puppy! I wish I could find the photos we took on our drive back from picking her up at LAX….I remember stopping somewhere near Thousand Oaks to let her walk around a little….what a little ball of fluff she was back then! It’s hard to believe I was with you when you brought all three of them home for the first time…yes, all three of them. They loved you all so so so much. Thanks for giving them such a loving home and sharing them with all of us!

  6. tdevir says:

    Sweet little Soho… she will be so missed! Love the fun and joy and silliness she brought to your home. Too much loss in such a short time. A very sad year for sure. Glad the SoChlo is together again with all the other animals who meant so much to us. Sending lots of love to you guys. xoxoxo

  7. citymama says:

    the loss of a pet, let alone pets, must be heart wrenching. how grateful, yet sad and lonely, we feel when they pass. she was a treasure and you treated her as such. it has been a rough few months for you and i am wishing you both peace upon reflection. we love you and all of the pets you have shared with us over our lives; so very much. rest in peace, Tart. please tell my Tiny that i miss him. love you guys.

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