I’ve been trying to get to Missoula for decades. It was worth the wait.

Now I will always remember the Clark Fork River. And the train whistle that sounds just often enough to remind you that it was the Northern Pacific Railroad that more or less put Missoula on the map back in the 1880’s. I will also remember the song sparrow outside our hotel room overlooking the river that woke me at dawn each morning and beckoned me to the terrace to listen to that rushing river flow. All day long, jubilant summer celebrants bobbed past on their river rafts. As well they should, because I hear the winters can be harsh.


We were here to visit the CE’s sister, Gail, whose sweet house which had me humming Crosby, Stills & Nash “a very very very fine house, with two cats in the yard…”


At least two cats. Rumors of several others, but only one, the regal Puck, deigned to make our acquaintance.


One of our favorite evenings of the entire trip was whiled away perched on Gail’s back porch dining on chicken pesto and morels while the sun set on a perfect Missoula day. And then to top it all off, ice cream with fresh-picked huckleberries. If backyard dinners could be awarded Michelin stars, I’d give it three.


If you go: You may not be able to score an invite to dinner on Gail’s back porch but we did have some other great meals: The Pearl Café and Scotty’s Table for dinner, lunch on the patio at The Iron Horse (dog friendly – we met a lovely Viszla there) Not to be missed: bar food on the patio of Finn & Porter overlooking the river, and the upstairs terrace at Plonk, where they serve a lovely cheese plate and a memorable butterscotch pudding (we all shared but you might want that pudding all to yourself!)


You’ll also want to go to the Saturday Farmer’s Market next to the old train station where on some weekends a certain local rock star performs.


Other must-sees include Rockin’ Rudy’s, billed as the “original hipster department store”,

IMG_4206 2

and a multitude of downtown galleries and shops. My favorites were Cloth & Crown and  the 4 Ravens Gallery which features a panoply of lovely treasures, corvid and otherwise.


But go soon…summer is already on the wane.


Thanks for a great time, guys!

IMG_4170 2



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4 Responses to Missoula.

  1. dizzyguy says:

    Montana has a great appeal to those seeking majestic natural beauty. But in particular, Missoula throws in the extras of good food, riverside accommodations, a university, great fly fishing right in the middle of town, etc. Montanans seem to truly appreciate where they live and show overall happiness as they go about their lives. We had a great time there.

  2. Katherine says:

    My theory is that Montana HAS to be tough in the winters or else everyone would move there – it’s SO wonderful. So glad you had such a great time.

  3. mondayswitholiver says:

    Did you hike to the M?

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