Nor sleet nor snow nor’easter…

…can keep us from having a fantastic time in NYC. Weather or not, we had way big fun in the city this trip.

We were there for not one, but two nor’easters. Flew out just a few hours ahead of the third one. You take your chances in February/March:

But there is undeniable beauty in it, as captured by the CE:


I did actually see a guy in shorts one day. He admitted he was from California. So am I, but I’m sticking with the NYC winter uniform:


We wouldn’t have missed these two weeks, though. A fun meet-up at Peter Luger with son Daniel and son-in-law John, who was in the city on a business trip:


We attended the very first performance of the brilliant revival of Three Tall Women. One of the best things we’ve seen on Broadway. Glenda Jackson is incandescent!


The CE was less (much less) impressed by Carousel, but I’m going out on a limb and saying see it anyway. If you can overlook June is Bustin’ Out All Over you will be rewarded with If I Loved You. Joshua Henry is electric in the challenging role of Billy Bigelow.


Evening hours at the Met are the best! We had the tiny Medusa exhibit all to ourselves and saw this little jewel:



Speaking of jewels, we couldn’t resist strolling into the revamped Bulgari flagship store on Fifth Avenue:


When I win the lottery I’m buying this. Yes, they let me try it on!


We wandered around the galleries in Chelsea one morning and discovered Gallery Henoch where I fell in love with Patricia Traub’s “Waiting for Something to Move”:


The Pace Gallery’s exhibit, “Black and White” is a retrospective of Louise Nevelson’s work and very much worth seeing:


We so enjoyed taking our young friend, Lauren, to her first “La Boheme”, with dessert at The Grand Tier during intermission:


And since we can never get enough opera, we went back to The Met a few nights later to see their sensational production of Semiramide. Fun to see Ryan “Speedo” Green, whose life story I read about in Daniel Bergner’s “Sing for Your Life”, in the role of high priest Oroe.


We were so fortunate to be in the city again this year for the New York Antiquarian Book Fair. Many thanks to Sunday and Josh of B&B Rare Books, Ltd. for hosting us at the opening night reception.


I am still dreaming about the set of Middlemarch I saw at the Peter Harrington booth. I might even choose this over the Bulgari bracelet. No, actually, I want both! Dream big, right?


An incredible highlight of the trip was the Armory Show. Daniel got us tickets for our Christmas present and we all tromped over to Piers 92-94 and had the most amazing afternoon there last weekend.


I want this for my living room:


Or this David Hockney would also do:


Or even this take on Botticelli:


And, of course, it goes without saying that this Milton Avery Still Life with Skull, 1946 should belong to me.


Weatherwise, it might not have been the most auspicious of fortnights, but there is simply no bad time to be in NYC. Can’t wait to go back when there are some leaves on the trees…spring is right around the corner!







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6 Responses to Nor sleet nor snow nor’easter…

  1. dizzyguy says:

    If these photos don’t make you want to try the city in winter, I don’t know if you are reachable. We always have a wonderful time there, and the weather has very little say in the matter. And right around the corner is the Judge at Yankee Stadium as the Boys of Summer return to liven things up.

  2. Jean Gutsche says:

    Whoa!!! Wonderful events and sites!!! Laura and Colton there now for a couple days!

  3. citymama says:

    can you put that David Hockney on my C-mas list too??? wonderful photos and seemed like a dreamy visit for you guys. you inspire me with all of your finds! new york suits you. 🙂

  4. Katherine says:

    You can, and should, have everything you want. But I get the barn owl!

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