Fashion Fauxward: It Bugs.

It happened again the other day. A giant bug in my salad. He presented quite a tableau, his bulbous carcass and spindly legs splayed across a wedge of tomato.The waitress, properly horrified upon viewing it, immediately comped my lunch and might have been persuaded to set up a trust fund for me if I had pressed my case. It was a really, really fat, formidable bug.

This is at least the third time in as many years that a representative from the insect world has strayed, unbidden, into my salad bowl. At least that I know of. Supposedly, we ingest a pound or two of bugs annually – gulp!

And just FYI, in case you think by skipping the salad course you can avoid such encounters, did you know that, per the web site

“your 8-ounce glass of orange juice, for example, can legally contain five fruit flies. There could be 50 aphids, mites or thrips plus some caterpillar larvae in 3.5 ounces of frozen spinach. Thrips, tiny winged parasites that are up to an eighth of an inch long, hang out in apple butter, and frozen asparagus, broccoli and Brussels sprouts [source: FDA].”

Entomology seems to be everywhere these days. Grub Street is happy to direct you to seven NYC restaurants where you actually pay to eat insects. And the six and eight-leggers also seem to be spreading their wings, so to speak, in the fashion world.

There’s this hat at Saks Fifth Avenue, for example;


Or you can bag a bug at the New York Botanical Garden gift shop:


Conditions Apply tank at Anthropologie:


The house fly becomes royalty on a plate at Bergdorf-Goodman so you can have a bug in every salad!

Sonia Rykiel is buggy at Barneys:

FullSizeRender 2

And Silken Favors favors flies and ladybugs at Net-A-Porter:

bug scarf silken favours net a porter

The only bugs I’d pay for, however, are the ones Gucci is selling. This belt bag looks good enough to eat, antennae and all. The bee’s knees, indeed.


Happy Saturday. And keep a close eye on your salad…






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2 Responses to Fashion Fauxward: It Bugs.

  1. I love that red bag! If you want me to buy something, just put an insect design on it. 😀


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