A Last Look at New York.

Let’s see. Before I interrupted myself with that bit of shameless self-promotion last week we were re-capping the New York trip…

It was even harder than usual to leave this time. Fall is (despite UN General Assembly Week, despite whatever is going on with that ongoing subway nightmare – HELLO powers that be???!!!) my favorite time to be in NYC. It’s as if the city tried to be even more alive, more beautiful than usual before the temperatures drop and the skies turn leaden.

So many things I loved this trip:

This building on Columbus Avenue at 70th just wanted to be noticed.


Always, the chandeliers at the Metropolitan Opera House.


Chrysanthemums on Park Avenue. At every intersection!


Dinner at Balthazar with a few of my favorite people.

FullSizeRender 2

Street flowers for sale. They look suspiciously like milkweed! Do New Yorkers pay good money for milkweed?


We may have found the ultimate hamburger at The Ribbon.


Bergdorf windows. Love the fall forest theme.


Yes it is egregiously overpriced, but a drink with a friend at the Plaza’s Palm Court is hard to resist.


Passionfruit Pavlova for the CE at Nougatine.


Possibly the best dressing room decor – yes, this is a dressing room – I’ve ever seen – Ted Baker at Time-Warner Center.


The endowed flowers in the Grand Hall of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They are refreshed weekly and never disappoint.


A lovely Monet:


and some enthusiastic art lovers:


How lucky we were to be there while the weather pretended that summer would never end. Alas, we know what’s coming next. The trees don’t tell lies. Those leaves are starting to turn.

Sigh. Get out those puffers, everyone…










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3 Responses to A Last Look at New York.

  1. dizzyguy says:

    Now THERE is a city.

  2. tomseyeview says:

    The ribbon is in the lobby of my apt building…………and you didn’t drop in!

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