Buckets and buckets and buckets!

Just when it seems your prayers are never heard, the skies just open up and the benisons pour out. Yesterday it was a torrent, a deluge of blessings to soothe our long California drought.

It rained. Oh how it rained! According to our rain gauge, almost five inches of precious water showered down upon us. It was a day of sandbags and drains and puddle-splashing.


It was also a day of house arrest. We tried to leave twice, only to be turned back by impassable roads. In some places puddles had turned into rivers; in others, felled trees blocked the roads.


At first we felt trapped. The lights flickered and the power went out, but only briefly – just long enough to consternate all the electronics and give the CE another project in addition to his role as plenipotentiary of sandbags and drains.


But as the long, sodden day unspooled, we began to grasp the wisdom of the Spanish proverb: “How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward.” A mid-afternoon fire glowed in the fireplace, a signal to the cats to come lounge beside us and purr while we sat and read. And read and read…

The rain lessened just long enough for us to take the dogs on a soggy walk, so even they were content. Everyone was happy. Except for the chickens, whose feathers and spirits were ruffled by the wind-whipped storm. You’ve heard the saying “mad as a wet hen?”


Grilled cheese for dinner. Early to bed. And then, this morning, I rose in the dark and took the dogs outside where it was not raining. The moon was veiled in clouds but still, some stars shown through. I could hear the pounding surf a half mile away, and a chorus of frogs sang their matins from somewhere under the tree ferns. We are cautioned that the drought is not over, but this storm counted for many, many drops in the bucket. And, at least for today, everything is so green!



About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to Buckets and buckets and buckets!

  1. dizzyguy says:

    Yes, the rain was such a blessing. We are very grateful to have had it and are still willing to accept more, should it be offered. For you non-Californians, our rainy season is only about 4-5 months, with none possible outside of those months. So we welcome any storm, any light rain, any drop of water during the winter months.

  2. Jean Gutsche says:

    Such a lovely account of your welcome rain!

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