Glen Arbor: Lake Michigan with a Cherry on Top.

Glen Arbor sits pretty, right on the pinky finger of the mitten that is the lower peninsula of Michigan. It gazes fondly to the northwest over Lake Michigan, making for some terrific sunset views


and it boasts the lovely Big and Little Glen lakes as back-up to the south:


The area is awash in water and natural beauty – and cherries! A sweet little factoid: the state of Michigan produces 250 million pounds of cherries annually. We ate them in guacamole, in salad and, of course, in pie, all at Glen Arbor’s Cherry Republic.


We stayed two nights there at The Homestead, where we feasted on the lake views


and on the fabulous polpette appetizer at Nonna’s Ristorante.


Much has been made of the area’s Sleeping Bear Dunes being voted “The Most Beautiful Place in America”by the Good Morning America television show. Personally, I would vote to crowdfund a trip for the show’s staff to Yosemite to see if they want to re-think that proclamation, but I must agree that Sleeping Bear Dunes is pretty spectacular. You cannot capture the scope of it in a photograph. You need to visit. And you absolutely need to view it from the Pierce Stocking scenic drive, which is kind of like Pebble Beach’s 17-Mile Drive,  with sand. The dunes rise 450 feet from the lake to the cliff above, where signs are posted warning visitors that a slide down the dunes will subsequently require a two-hour climb back up the hill.


The view of Glen Lake from the scenic drive is lovely,


as is the road under a canopy of forest:


It was a sweet little visit and we had a cherry good time!








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4 Responses to Glen Arbor: Lake Michigan with a Cherry on Top.

  1. Katherine says:

    Those dunes are spectacular!!!! What a beautiful area of the country. Thank you for sharing. Now if you would just share that cherry pie…

  2. dizzyguy says:

    Very much enjoyed this part of Michigan. Also learned a great deal, such as, it is apparently true that life really is a bowl…………

  3. Jean Gutsche says:

    What an interesting adventure! Beautiful photos!

  4. citymama says:

    it reminds me of the east end of long island. beautiful.

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