Family Album: Santa Monica Weekend

The CE told me he thought he felt an earthquake yesterday. Nah, I said, that was just the earth tilting a little bit as our family members changed coasts.

It wasn’t that long ago that all four kids were living in or around NYC. Tina was temporarily marooned among snow drifts in Darien, Angie was wrangling toddlers on the UWS, and Taylor and Daniel had both headed east for college. But there has been a seismic shift – Tina and her family happily re-settled in the OC a few years back, Taylor is headed to SF and now Angie and her boys are living the LA life in Santa Monica. We ran down to check it out last weekend and had so much fun!

Thomas is still channeling Bronxville here, but you can see that he and James already have that California glow:


Stayed at the Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows where we were thrilled to have an ocean view room – until we discovered it was perched directly above the hotel’s insanely popular and LOUD Bungalow cocktail bar. Which stays open until 2 a.m. Hahahahaha!

Room with an incredibly close (but extremely loud) view:


Lucky for us that hotel associate Chad was on duty at the desk that afternoon. Due to some fortuitous brand of alchemy between him and the CE, we found ourselves whisked to a serenely quiet suite on the north side of the hotel. Where I would like to live full-time in my next life.


In three-plus decades of living my current life in Southern California, I have never really managed to draw a bead on LA. I see a maze of freeway interchanges on the map and my eyes glaze over. But it turns out there is a there there once you spin off of the 405. Loved the feel of Santa Monica – almost like a New York neighborhood with a beach backdrop. What could be better?

Yes, I whined and complained about the crush of humanity on the Santa Monica pier – don’t go on a Saturday afternoon if you can help it. And oh, if you do -just a friendly warning: you may encounter the guy who stands there draped with a half dozen LIVE tarantulas. He charges $5 for a photo; little does he know I would pay him $10 to scram!

My preferred view of the pier is from far, far away:


Because it gets just a little too crowded there for my tastes:


Best feature of Santa Monica is the seemingly endless walkway along Ocean Avenue, skirting the cliffs above the Pacific. Everyone and his dog (and the strikingly abundant transient population) gets to enjoy the sunset:


Sunday was a charmed idyll. Brunch and the 3rd Street Promenade and the pool scene at the Fairmont – lots of fun for the boys:


And yes, there was food. Pre-birthday dinner for Angie at the iconic Shutters on the Beach One Pico restaurant:

exterior_main_0 (1)

I had the lamp chops. And someone insisted on dessert – I would drive to Santa Monica just for that semifreddo macaroon sandwich:



Great weekend. So much fun. And so happy to have this crew close by.


inpaint santa monica pier







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2 Responses to Family Album: Santa Monica Weekend

  1. dizzyguy says:

    So wonderful to have Ang and the boys so close. And yes, we DO love SM. It looks like a great place for them so we are very happy for them all, and for ourselves.

  2. citymama says:

    this made me tear up and get a lump in my throat. I am so lucky. love you guys…

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