Wynn-ing in Las Vegas.

Just back from five sultry summer nights at The Wynn in Las Vegas, where the most sinful thing we did was to order up our morning coffee from room service. Oh, and there was that Béarnaise sauce on our Steak Frites at Mon Ami Gabi…but otherwise it was a very tame trip by Sin City standards.

So why do we go to Vegas?

To begin with, a beautiful hotel room at dead-of-summer rates. The Wynn is quieter and less smokey than some of the other casinos, and the CE found plenty of poker action there, especially since the WSOP was in play while we were in town.

The Wynn Tower Suites lobby is nicely appointed:


Just enough glitz for us:


Beautiful rooms if you can score an upgrade:


And if your husband can win enough at poker to help underwrite the stay:


And then there is the food. We had dinner our first night at Sinatra, in the adjoining Encore Hotel. The setting is genial, the service always excellent, but we did have to arch an eyebrow at the tab this time. Not even sure Frank could justify the price of pasta at his namesake restaurant. We like sitting by the window overlooking the garden. Excellent Caesar salad; passable panna cotta:




Our favorite Wynn restaurant is Tableau, tucked between the Tower Suites and the pool, where we enjoy lunch in the whimsically-decorated conservatory. They make a mean chicken soup and their chili-lime-avocado salad is a favorite for the CE.


We also discovered Jardin restaurant at Encore this trip. Casual, light and airy; nice spot for lunch. I had the chicken meatballs; an appetizer portion that was more than enough for lunch:



The Wynn is at the north end of the Strip, and is convenient to The Palazzo and The Venetian. Well, as convenient as anything is in Las Vegas – bring your walking shoes! You can easily log a mile just walking back and forth from dinner, which is a good thing if you’re going to dine at Bouchon, where the Poulet Rôti reigns supreme:




Highlight of this trip – Britney was in town! Great, great show! We would go again tomorrow if we could. Incredible production values and so fun to watch her flip that pony tail:


Our favorite meal in Las Vegas is always, always on the terrace at Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris hotel. It was a tough trek over there in 108 degree heat, but they keep a steady stream of mist going along the rail and a breath of cooling air blowing from the interior of the restaurant. Once the sun sets behind The Bellagio, the terrace cools off and it’s the best people-watching spot on The Strip. You can’t go wrong with their Salad Maison and Steak Frites:




As long as you stay hydrated and sun-screened, July is as good as January in Las Vegas. We’ll be back next summer!









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4 Responses to Wynn-ing in Las Vegas.

  1. Awesome pictures! I really like the style of your writing.

  2. dizzyguy says:

    Vegas Baby, Vegas!!

  3. Katherine says:

    With those digs I’d say you started on the button, slow-played Britney and went all-in with those meals. Well played all around!

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