Bought an Apple, Got a Lemon. Going Nuts.


Not my most auspicious visit to NYC. I guess I should have known things were a little off when I got chased by a squirrel. I was strolling through Madison Square Park on a perfect summer afternoon when the cute little guy practically posed for a photo. Ever the tourist, I couldn’t resist.

Watch out for this maniac squirrel in Madison Square Park!

As I took the photo, Mr. Cute Squirrel morphed into Mr. Attack Squirrel and lunged at me. When I stepped back, he CHASED me. I could just see the headline: “Woman Flees from Squirrel, Normal Day in NYC”.

Alas, this was not the only thing to go squirrely this week. Ominous messages were appearing on my laptop. “Disk storage full”. Ever compliant, I dutifully deleted file after file. And then…the dreaded blank screen. My practically brand new MacBook Air expired before my eyes.

In its first year of business in 2006, the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue averaged 50,000 visitors a week. Judging from the crowd, I think most of them were still there when I strode in with the corpse of my laptop. I waited two and a half hours – that’s ONE HUNDRED FIFTY MINUTES – to be told what I already suspected: my MacBook Air was DOA. Hard drive kaput. And hope you didn’t need to recover any of those files. The kicker? Gee, your warranty expired a month ago.

As the squirrel would say, nuts.

A quick Google search told me I am far from the only one with a MacBook Air headache. Lots of sad stories out there. The nice young man who pronounced time of death for my laptop actually uttered the phrase “possible defective part” when he commented that my computer was in great condition and that nothing I had done had caused the failure.

So. Three bits of wisdom acquired. One, it is dang nigh impossible to post a blog from an iPhone. Two, do your homework before you purchase a MacBook Air. And three: stay away from those squirrels in Madison Square Park!

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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4 Responses to Bought an Apple, Got a Lemon. Going Nuts.

  1. dizzyguy says:

    Never really did buy in to the Apple Cult. On the other hand, I am typing this from an iPhone so go figure.

  2. katherine says:

    Ahhhh, as you know I feel your pain. But may I say that I’m impressed you managed to hold on to your humor and fantastic writing chops during the course of this madness? (The title alone made me LOL for at least a full minute.)

  3. Julia says:

    Oh no! Hopefully if it was new you didn’t lose much important stuff? How frustrating and sad. that squirrel put a curse on you!

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