10 Things I’m Pinking About

Fifty-one weeks of the year I am all about basic black. But there is something about the first week of May: everything is fresh and new and zinging with spring! The world is blooming pink – pink roses in our yard; petal pink jeans in store windows; soft pink sunsets promising fair spring weather, the whisper of pink in the eggs that Ginger lays so faithfully each day.

I once spent weeks working with a painter to come up with just the right shade of pink to highlight the beige-y gold stucco of our home’s exterior. It was magical while it lasted, but the pink gradually faded – it is the elusive, temporal color of faeries and puppy tummies and woodland flowers that bloom and then are gone. But this week is gloriously awash in pink and it makes me think of some favorite things.

1. Ginger’s eggs: I had hoped she would lay blue ones, but I’ve grown fond of the pinkish tinge of the eggs she bestows upon us so faithfully each day.

I'd hoped Ginger would lay blue ones, but I'm learning to love the pinkish tinge of her eggs.

2. Peonies. Oh, how I love peonies. Someday I want a room filled with them.


3. This sweet top from Ulla Johnson


4. My favorite scent, High Line, from Bond No. 9. It smells pink, if that is possible. Love it.


5. I am obsessed with Penguin Clothbound Classics. And George Eliot. In pink.

2nd middlemarch

6. I will never forget our dinner at The Olde Pink House in Savannah, Georgia.


7. This sweet necklace that Viv picked out for Soho’s birthday. Soho wears it every day. Dog jewelry!

soho necklace

8. Have you ever visited Ojai, CA for the “pink moment” at sunset?  Best viewed from the terrace of the Ojai Valley Inn with a glass of rosé champagne.


9. All the rage right now: pink tulle skirts. But I think you have to be under 40 to wear one.


10. And, of course, we end with chickens. In March, Bruce Whitman, of Portland, Oregon, used food coloring, beet juice, and Kool-Aid to dye two chickens, and released them on the South Waterfront to “make people smile.” County Animal Services were not amused, but I am. Wish I’d thought of it.


Happy weekend!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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1 Response to 10 Things I’m Pinking About

  1. tdevir says:

    I love springtime too!!! This was a fun post to read with all your favorite pink things. Glad Soho is enjoying her jewelry and loves being as girly and fancy as Viv! xo

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