Hurricane Sandy: the Morning After

Other than that crane dangling dizzily from the 90th story of One57, we’re in pretty good shape here. Lost our TV signal late last night, but our power stayed on. Not so for Daniel and two million others in lower Manhattan who are without power. Angie is also without power in Westchester County.

After the storm: the sun breaks through the clouds over 5th Avenue and Central Park South

The first miracle of this day was that the CE was able to find coffee. Some brave fellow set up a cart behind our building yesterday and today, and hopefully tomorrow, as Starbucks – and everything else – is closed.

The storm was less about rain than wind for us. We were told that some residents of our building’s upper floors relocated last night due to the swaying of the building and the unrelenting noise from the howling wind. The windows crackled and the building groaned for hours. Windswept cables in the elevator shaft scraped loudly against the ascending elevator cars and convinced me to stay put in our apartment after one wild ride.

The pretty chrysanthemums in our building’s outdoor planters were uprooted by the storm and our doormen valiantly manned the entrances as 50-75 mph gusts whipped past the doors. The cabin-fevered CE decided to step outside for a moment last night and got no further than the outside steps where he had to hang on to the stair rail to stay upright in the storm, which has now been classified as an extratropical cyclone.

Typical CE: “I think I’ll go for a walk”

Many others were not so lucky as we have been. There has been severe flooding and power loss in coastal NJ and lower Manhattan. At least a few people have died due to falling trees. The brick facade of a building in Chelsea was peeled off by the wind last night, leaving a gaping maw of exposed apartments and a number of residents now homeless. There has also been a devastating fire in Queens that destroyed fifty homes.

Bridges are still closed, businesses are closed, even our trusty go-to diner is closed so we will probably have to get creative with cereal and stale crackers today. The larger issue is whether we will be able to make it to the airport tomorrow…

The storm has been mostly an inconvenience for us, but I know that many are truly suffering. Kudos to the American Red Cross for all their efforts on behalf of the storm victims.

I just hope that crane stays put…

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3 Responses to Hurricane Sandy: the Morning After

  1. Barb Maloney says:

    Guess you chose an interesting time to be in NYC. Stay safe.

  2. Katherine says:

    So glad you’re safe (and caffeinated!) I have to say I turned to your blog first-thing this morning, hoping to a) see that you were okay and b) get your on-the-spot reporting. Saying prayers for all.

  3. pollo amigo says:

    Steady there, CE!

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