The Last Hurrah.

All the visitors have gone home but we have many great memories from the birthday celebration. And a few more photos that I just have to share:

Evie, the chicken wrangler: the secret is in how you shake that container of Cheerios


Adventures in walking with three dogs

Wagonistas: Soho and Buster hitch a ride

The birthday girl with her kiddos

…and with her grandpup

Soaking up the last bit of summer sun and fun.

One last photo before heading to the airport. Thanks so much to the Floridians and Montanan for making the trip!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to The Last Hurrah.

  1. tdevir says:

    Great pics from a great weekend! We are so glad we were there to celebrate with Grandma and see Mark, Jean & Gail and all the party guests. We had a blast!

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