Happy 90th, Phyllis!

It was 1922. Warren G. Harding was President, Ulysses was published, the first US naval aircraft carrier was commissioned and the Eskimo Pie was introduced. The stellar event of the year, however, was Phyllis’ birth “on Grandma’s farm”, as she tells us.

A young Phyllis with parents Opal and L.P. and brothers Delbert and Howard.

Here she is with the CE and baby brother Mark

As we all know, time flies when you’re having fun, and here we all are celebrating Phyllis’ 90th birthday. Mark and Jean have flown in from Florida and Gail is here from Montana, as well as Tina and family up from the OC.  We’ve had three nights of parties already – not sure how we’ll top this when her 100th rolls around…

Ashleigh, PG and Gail at Cava

Mark and Jean

Mark, Jean, Gail and Chloe catching a little R&R by the pool between parties.

There is a story to go with this cake. Many thanks to Ashleigh for doing this!

Phyllis and her friend Barb.

Dave, looking extra happy.

The birthday girl with Jean and Mark

Blonde moment: Karen, Tina and Pamela

Siblings: Mark, Gail and the CE

Pamela, Alexandra and PG

The great-grandaughters: Evie and Viv livened up the party

Who knew joining the nonagenarian club would be so much fun?

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3 Responses to Happy 90th, Phyllis!

  1. phyllis gutsche says:

    The party was perfect with singing, viedo, food and drink to say nothing of a bit of conversation. I am much blessed to be able to enjoy life and those who share it with me. To have my whole immediate family together is no small task. Many kuddios to the family party planner(M2) who always insists upon doing more than expected. Looking forward to the next bigg one.

  2. AMAZING photos!!!! Wish we were there. HAPPY 90TH!!!!!

  3. dizzyguy says:

    CE here: It has been a wonderful season of birthday celebration. We are grateful for the presence of family and dear friends who have helped my mother celebrate this special event. On to 100!!!

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