Buster’s Posse Returns

Have you ever seen a Chihuahua smile? Buster was one very happy muchacho the day his family returned to claim him. We all enjoyed the sunny end-of-summer weekend:

Buster and Soho show Evie and Tina how the Loop walk is done.

There was lots of frolicking on the lawn for Evie and Viv

And fun in the pool, too: John and Evie

For reasons no one fully understands, the girls’ favorite activity of the weekend was climbing Grandpa and Nana’s bedpost:


And Viv

Evie enjoyed picking fruit in our orchard

Daddy’s girls

PG, Tina and Evie

Evie loves Chloe

We were sad to see them, and Buster leave, but we’re looking forward to seeing everyone again in just a few days!

The CE tries to hide Buster in his shirt so he can’t leave.

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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3 Responses to Buster’s Posse Returns

  1. dizzyguy says:

    CE here: Oh Buster, Buster, where art thou??

  2. Impressive climbing skills!! Looks like so much fun. xo

  3. tdevir says:

    Love the pic of the CE with Busty in his shirt! I’m so happy he was a good house guest and is invited back!! Your house is such a wonderful playground for Evie & Viv- they enjoy every minute wandering the grounds and being with all the different animals…We can’t wait to be back!

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