…and a first look at Bronxville

It’s official! Angie and family have left the city for greener pastures – or lawns, at least. They are a half hour and a world away from the noise and concrete of the city in the bucolic little town of Bronxville.

Room to move: Thomas with his birthday scooter

Angie and Tiny give the CE the neighborhood tour

Instead of drivers, buses and taxis, the boys will be able to walk to their beautiful new school!

Bronxville school

The boys and Grandpa at the school yard.

We spent an afternoon there to celebrate their move and Thomas’ 7th birthday and we loved everything about it.

Their multi-level townhouse looks out on this beautiful courtyard.

Nana brought presents!


The boys show off their room to Grandpa

Of course, the real question is: is Tiny happy? Looks like it:

Bobby and Tiny in their new home

Happy New Home, guys! We’ll see you in the fall!

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3 Responses to …and a first look at Bronxville

  1. Katherine says:

    Whoa! Just googled (what did i do before the internet) the Bronxville School and it’s consistently ranked as one of the top schools in the country! Good move, I say! I hear there are even Bicycle Sundays in town. Sounds so quaint! Let me know when you spy your first Kennedy…

  2. Ang says:

    So glad you came!

  3. dizzyguy says:

    CE here: First impressions of Bronxville and the new condo were 100% positive. We are excited for the whole family to be in their new surroundings!

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