The King Has Left The Building.

He was the undisputed regent of the kingdom, a soi disant Caesar. Depending upon where you ranked on his list of subjects, he swaggered up to you like a Wild West Sheriff ready to enforce the law of his land or granted you the nod of a potentate permitting you to approach and worship him at his throne.  He usually held forth from a kitchen chair, although, if he deemed you one of his favored courtiers, he would laze with you on a bed or curl up next to you on a desk. He was the one, the only, Dizzy, and we are absolutely crushed to have lost him too soon.

White on white: Dizzy’s baby photo, 1999

Cousin Laura and Daniel with Dizzy when he was a kitten

I had long harbored a wish for an all-white cat and one Saturday morning back in 1999 I espied a small ad in the local newspaper classifieds offering up a litter of “all-white Persian/Himalayan kittens”. The CE was dead set against the idea. “I’ll come with you to see them, but I’m not having anything to do with a new cat.” His heels were dug in and the ultimatum had been given, so obviously, we were getting a kitten and it would become his favorite pet, because that’s just how things work, right? No sooner did we come home with the little white puff ball than it was discovered to be covered with fleas. The CE leaped into action, submerging the wee one in a warm bath to drive the fleas upward, where we then spent the better part of an hour removing them. Somehow Dizzy sensed that the CE was (however reluctantly) on his side, and so Dizzy was forever more by the side of the CE.

Always in the picture: Dizzy with Taylor, the CE and Daniel on a long ago Fathers Day

A man and his cat

When we went to look at the kittens, I told the owner that I wanted a female. “They’re all females”, she said. Yeah, right. After a few years of calling Dizzy a she and a failed attempt at breeding our beautiful “female” Himalayan, we finally gave up and took “her” into be spayed. The vet called and said, “Surprise! She is a he!” Lucky for us, Dizzy never held a grudge, and maintained his dignity long after we’d mistakenly dressed him up in a tutu.

Oh, the humiliation: our little angel and Daniel

Dizzy was the alpha cat and the alpha pet. The rest of the critters (including the humans) served at his pleasure. He had a special soft spot for Chloe, however, and would cuddle up to her any chance he got.

Dizzy meets Chloe back in 2006

Dave took this recent photo of Diz and his Chloe

He has looked a bit frowsy the past few months, but repeated trips to the vet turned up nothing wrong. At the age of thirteen, I supposed he was entitled to look a bit weathered, but hoped we would have many more years of doing his bidding. Lately, he had displaced Soho from her sleeping spot between me and the CE and I would wake in the night to hear him purring next to me. I wonder now if he was saying goodbye.

Monday morning we noticed that he didn’t look well, and we took him to the vet again. Bloodwork and an x-ray showed nothing wrong. He perked up after a subcutaneous fluid injection and was scheduled for an ultrasound later in the week. When I picked him up at the vet he nuzzled me over and over again, purring and rubbing his head against me. I’m so glad I had that time with him. By late Wednesday night, it was clear that he was going. We carried him up to our bed and monitored him throughout the night. By around 4 am, his labored breathing slowed. I lay in the dark, counting the seconds between his breaths while the CE stroked his fur. The interval between breaths became longer and longer and he left us just before dawn.

Taylor and Dizzy

Victoria loved Dizzy so much that the CE gave her a pillow as a Diz stand-in

Julia loved him too

Jessica and Diz

We are sad beyond words. There will always be a Dizzy-shaped hole in our hearts. Thanks to all of you who loved him for giving him his regal due.

Farewell to the King.

Dizzy; 1999-2012

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9 Responses to The King Has Left The Building.

  1. phyllis gutsche says:

    Hard to really say how much he did to enrich our lives, always there, always enjoing the company and the food and adding to the fun of the dinner. He will be missed sorely by all of us.

  2. dizzyguy says:

    CE here: The blog posting nicely shows how much a part of our family life was this Dizzy cat. I have had many cats in my life since the first one, Rudy, was introduced to our family when I was about 14. There have been several others since. But Dizzy was special in so many ways, as he brought joy, laughter, affection, silliness and much more to our family. His loss has left such a hole in my heart. Farewell, sweet Dizzy, I foolishly thought you would never leave us.

  3. Barb Maloney says:

    So sorry to read of the loss of your beloved family member. Although I never met Dizzy, I could tell from previous posts he was a character and a sweetheart.

  4. tdevir says:

    A very sweet post for Dizzy. I didn’t spend much time with him but he certainly was handsome and I knew he held a very special place in the family. I am so sorry he is gone. Xo

  5. Ang says:

    I should have known better than to read this post make up applying. He was soft, sweet, gorgeous, and certainly a personality not to be reckoned with. Isn’t he the original potato chip cat? Once you found him, you couldn’t have just one. Such a beauty and I will miss his presence upon next visit. He was a lucky feline yet somehow he seemed to know that he had found the best; because he deserved no less. RIP chic little white kitty.

  6. Katherine says:

    Weeping over here. Was so sad to hear about the lovely Dizzy passing, and now reading the ever-eloquent PP regal us with his wonderful presence thru the years, I weep more. I can’t even bear to tell Karma, who still ranks the day he got kissed by Dizzy as the best day of his life. Much love going your way. And yet it can’t even fill a Dizzy-sized hole.

  7. Nancy says:

    Im so sorry we won’t meet Dizzy when we visit in September. He departed as he lived – well tended, adored and surrounded by his beloveds. How fortunate we are that such beings walk with us, for a time, in this life (or perhaps in Dizzy’s case, allow us to walk with them).

  8. Jessica says:

    I just read your blog and, like Katherine, am also crying profusely. Thank you for including a picture of me and the dizz. It has been way too long since I got to see him and for that I apologize, and now is my sore loss for not being able to say goodbye to him properly. Thank you for the wonderful life you gave him. Everyone who met him knew what a unique, special cat he was. I will never forget him.

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