Letting it Ride: a boat tour in St. Michael’s

We had explored the village of St. Michael’s and toured the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum twice. Our time there was drawing to an end. What to do for a finale?

The Maritime Museum’s Hooper Strait “screwpile” construction lighthouse dates from 1879 (polloplayer photo)

A restaurant server had mentioned in passing that to truly appreciate St. Michael’s, one must experience it from the water, so the CE arranged for a sunset boat cruise on the “Let it Ride”, which leaves directly from the Inn at Perry Cabin’s dock. We were the only ones signed up for the cruise that evening, probably due to the heat, so we had the boat and our captain all to ourselves.

Ship ahoy!

The CE with Captain Alan

Our captain has spent his entire life in the Chesapeake Bay region and he regaled us with stories about the residents of the estates that line the shore of the Miles River. He showed us where the Miles River turns toward the Bay and shared a few tips about fishing in the area. He is also familiar with the ways of the furred and feathered locals and we spent much of our cruise seeking them out:

I think these are bald eagles in their nest

And, if I’m correct, this is a bald eagle in flight

A fox ventured to river’s edge for an evening sip of water

Osprey nests are familiar sights on the Miles River

Ospreys enjoying the last light of the day

Not only did we have the boat to ourselves; it seemed we were the only vessel on the river. Soft waves lapped against the boat as one last heron flew overhead and the sun’s last rays fled over the horizon. We were so glad we’d taken the advice to experience the watery side of St. Michael’s.

Sunset over the Miles River

Time to head back: Inn at Perry Cabin seen from the water

If you go: “Let it Ride” boat tours can be chartered at The Inn at Perry Cabin or by calling Captain Don Conley at (410) 310-3055. Web page at: http://www.letitridecharters.com

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3 Responses to Letting it Ride: a boat tour in St. Michael’s

  1. polloplayer says:

    CE here: The evening cruise with Cap’n Alan was absolutely one of the highlights of the St. Michel’s visit. He was right out of central casting as a charter boat captain; just the right mix of salt and local lore (some of it even true……maybe). With the sun setting and many of God’s flighted creatures journeying about, it was a magical time. They really act like they own the place! Gratifying to see the ospreys and my first ever bald eagle.

  2. Katherine says:

    Not surprising that the CE “gambled” on the “Let It Ride” “boat”on the “river”… glad it “paid off”. I hope you didn’t “buy-in” to all the captain’s tales he told at the “wheel”. Let’s just “call” a spade-a-spade, you where hoping to be “dealt” a “cooler” day. At least you “flushed” some “live game” that you were able to see with your “heads-up.” There’s no “limit” to the fun the “pair” of you seem to be having. As you can see, I enjoyed this “post”, but I must “push” on and imagine myself watching from the “bluff” because of my sea-sickness and fear of “sharks”. Also, I don’t need anyone to “tell” me, but apparently I need to head “straight” to the Chumash.

  3. tdevir says:

    Looks very beautiful and peaceful there. Love the pics of the wildlife!

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