90 degrees in WDC

We’re on the road again; currently visiting our nation’s capital of Hot and Humid.

People here are still talking about the “derecho” that hit the area June 29 with hurricane-force winds causing power outages for days on end while nearly three million area residents sweltered in triple-digit temperatures.

Hopefully this post-storm scene in WDC is not a metaphor for our government. (Christian Science Monitor image)


Current weather is tame by comparison to what the area experienced a few weeks ago, so we can’t complain very loudly, but let’s just say it more or less sucks the life out of you as soon as you step outside. No wonder nothing ever seems to get accomplished in WDC!

We’re still happy to be here, however, because we get to see Taylor! He joined us for dinner last night and we’re headed out soon for some air-conditioned museum-hopping with him.

Tay Tay!!

More later…

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Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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2 Responses to 90 degrees in WDC

  1. Katherine says:

    I hope Taylor appreciates the amount of parental love you’re expressing by braving the sticky heat. A friend of ours just returned from Iowa and said the first thing he thought when he got off the plane after returning to SB was “I will NEVER complain about June gloom or the 5 degree differential between bad weather and good weather here, again.”

    As an aside, I had to look up “derecho” and did you realize that one of the definitions (Spanish) is “law/justice”?!? I believe your joke about the leaning tree, which I found amusing, should now qualify as sheer brilliance.

  2. tdevir says:

    90 degrees sounds pleasant! I spent many days schlepping my 2 & 4 year-olds around in the triple digits in CT… I finally realized why nobody wears makeup on the east coast… It just melts right off!
    Taylor looks great!!! Tell him HI from all us!

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