Day of the Dad

I can’t improve on last year’s tribute to the CE but mustn’t let the weekend go by without reminding him how much I appreciate his stellar accomplishments as uberDad.Tomorrow, PG and I will fete him at brunch and tell all the usual stories about the kids. The classic ones, like night-owl Tina wailing “Daddy, my eyes are getting heavy!” and Angie’s zingers like “What’s this ugly thing?” upon being presented a gift from family friends. So many wonderful memories!

Angie, the CE and Tina, circa 1979

With just two kids way back when,  the CE could still find a moment’s peace to surf, play chess and train for marathons and Ride and Ties.

The CE with his Ride and Tie partner, Don, and Stormy.

Then the boys came along and there were no more moments of peace, or, for that matter, sleep. We waited up at night for the girls to come home by curfew and we were up long before dawn with our insomnolent boys.  It was all worth it – who would have wanted to miss Daniel with his golden curls or Taylor “jumping off the ‘shair'”?

Proving he can do anything: the CE wrangles teens and toddlers back in 1990

It was hard work. Really hard work. Seriously, is there anything harder than being a parent? When I think back to some of the challenges we faced, I wonder how we did it. There are so many different ways to be a good father, but if you’re going for bullet points, I think the top three things the CE has brought to the game are these:

1. Leadership: if you’re raising a pack of pups, you need a strong pack leader. Just ask Cesar – “calm and assertive” carries the day. Okay, mostly calm. Calm when he wasn’t twisting his eyebrow over a fender-bender or a “I might not want to go to college” or “Hi Dad, it was only two acres that burned…”

2.  Priorities: Family came first, always.

3. Humor: when it comes to raising kids, you just have to laugh or else you’ll have to cry.

And just about the time you have no hair left to tear out on account of the shenanigans those kids pull, time goes into warp speed, they say “see ya” and the house gets Very Quiet. This, of course, is why God created grandkids. Thanks to Tina, John and the girls for coming up last weekend for an early Father’s Day visit:

Tina and the girls after a late afternoon swim

Viv gets a peek at Pippa’s favorite new laying spot


Grandpa and the girls at the Farmers Market

If you’re really lucky, you’ll get a cute grand-pup like Buster

Happy Dad’s Day, CE and congrats on a job outstandingly well done – in my book, you’re always Father of the Year!

Father of four: why is this man laughing?

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4 Responses to Day of the Dad

  1. dizzyguy says:

    Dad/CE here: I am grateful to the Chicken Lady for the overly kind Father’s Day tribute. But I am even more grateful to her for making me look good by being the best possible mother to the boys, and step-mother to the girls. She gave it everything at all times. So I like to think that together we made a pretty good parenting team; we shared values and dedication, and she provided the glue that kept the family going while I was at work.

    So thanks to my mother for giving me the chance to be a father and modeling to me how a family should be raised. Thanks again to my wife for raising our sprawling family, and thanks to Tina and Angie for being nearly perfect daughters while Taylor and Daniel came along and matched them by being near perfect sons. A Happy Father’s Day is not possible without ALL of them.

  2. phyllis gutsche says:

    Awww sounds like the basic tv show. But in this case it is true.

  3. Katherine says:

    Wow. I knew all about the CE’s father-of-the-years title, but I had no idea he was such an athlete. I had to look at the link for “Ride & Tie.” I’m impressed. I would have thought it was him driving to work while doing up his cravat, but now I’m seriously impressed with how much more dexterity the actual R&T takes.

    And also a tad depressed. I feel as though M2 and I could only pair up for a tag-team “Slide and chai” (? “Sighed and buy”? “Glide and pie”? Guide and buy?)

    In all seriousness, Happy Father’s Day to the CE and his beautiful family.

    (In less seriousness, but this is true: I was reading this sentence: “…the house gets Very Quiet. This, of course, is why God created….. ” and was expecting it to read the word “chickens.” That’s just wrong. I need to spend less time thinking about chickens…)

  4. tdevir says:

    Wow- i love this post! The old pics are hilarious and open a slew of old memories (how cute was Taylor as a toddler????)
    Thank you Dad, for putting us kids first, perfecting “calm and sometimes assertive” parenting (I can’t believe you still have eyebrows), all while maintaining humor during the roughest of times “I should have passed on the soup” and I should mention that his famous gift opening one liner “Is this a bicycle?” recently made Ev & Viv laugh out loud – you’ve still got it!
    Happy Father’s Day! I love you!

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