On his 22nd: a few words with Daniel

Doesn’t seem possible that twenty-two years have passed since the Bookie made his first appearance with a red-faced squall.  It was at 6:08 pm: “I’m here, I’m hungry, and the rest of you need to hop to!” Has anything changed?

At about a month and a half: his best smiles were always for his brother

Daniel and Dad. He had an eye for fashion early on.

On a recent trip to NYC, Daniel’s friends were discussing their first words. Here are his:

At ten months he graced us with “one” and “hat”.  I kept a baby journal for him and at the ten-month mark I wrote:

“You love: your yellow blanket, your left thumb, Mom, Dad, Taylor, Avis the cat, stairs, balls, cupboard doors, and Mickey Mouse”. Apparently in that order!

Then he put language on the back burner for a few months while he conquered the business of walking, taking his first steps at eleven and a half months. (Who needs to rush the walking when you get carried everywhere like a little prince?)

The quintessential Bookie: thumb, check. Blankie, check. Life is good.

When he was fourteen months old, he said “uh-oh” and “ball” , “boat”, “bye bye” (ba ba), and “mama”, and then at sixteen months, “da-da”, “moon”, “mine” (shrieking loudly when he said it) , and “bug”.

By eighteen months he had added several more words, most notably “Go!”, after which he would run as fast as his diaper would allow and his famous “Alllllll nonnnnn!” for “all done” He would lean close and whisper “tahhhh” for star -I guess that  even at that young age he was considering the complexity of the cosmos.

At age two with his Grandpa

“If we get really good at this, then maybe we can get into an Ivy League school”

Just like his big brother, he recognized his first letter, “o” at eighteen months. He said “bop” for ball, and his first phrase was “Bee ow!” He was a smart kid! At twenty-two months he said “waffle”. You can see where the priorities were…

It’s so fun to look back on all the years and the joy that Daniel has brought to our lives. Happy Birthday to our Sweet Bookie! We love you!

Daniel and Mom, May 2012

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5 Responses to On his 22nd: a few words with Daniel

  1. momshieb says:

    Our boys are exactly two years apart; I just wrote a post in honor of my baby’s twentieth birthday.
    Happy Birthday, Daniel!

  2. dizzyguy says:

    Father of The Daniel here: Looking at the childhood pictures makes it seem like just yesterday (sorry that us old people always say that, but that is how is seems). So many phases to your life already, and so many people that have shaped you into the fine young man you have become. Your mom and I are grateful to have had you for a caboose, and we could not be more excited to see what the future holds for The One, The Only, The……..Bookie!!

  3. pollo amigo says:


  4. tdevir says:

    Most people don’t stay as cute as their baby pictures… But I think Daniel actually has!!! Very sweet post with the old pics.
    Happy 22nd birthday Daniel!

  5. I remember Daniel doing the “GO!” in his diaper! Thanks for the memories, PP!

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