Broadway, Borzois and a Bulldog: another Bite of the Big Apple

Another great – and busy – trip to the city. It’s always hard to say good-bye, but at least Daniel is holding down the fort for us there for a bit. I think most residents of our building display a different taste in art for their apartments, but our friendly doorman, Tommy, took it all in stride the day Daniel moved in:

I think three families moved out when they saw this come up the elevator

Moving Day!

“It’s temporary, Mom”

Just to keep this streak of glamour in the Big City going, we rode the subway downtown with Daniel and his friends Jamie and Peter for lunch at Balthazar:

Jamie, Peter and Daniel showed us how to ride the subway – finally!

We went to several performances this trip. Saw the great NYT review for City Center’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with SMASH star Megan Hilty and grabbed a couple of nosebleed seats. The play only ran for a week and a half – I have to assume it is pointed toward a run on Broadway, especially since the NYT lavished praise on Hilty for outshining both Carol Channing and Marilyn Monroe in her turn as Lorelei Lee. We aren’t diehard fans of this genre but could not help but be impressed by the talent and production values.

Megan Hilty as Lorelei Lee (image from

A bit more to our liking was “Once” with the winsome Cristin Milioti and Steve Kazee. Based on the film of the same name, it has been nominated for eleven Tony awards, including Best Musical, and will launch a national tour in 2013. If you see it on Broadway, you have the option of joining the ensemble cast on-stage before the performance for cash-bar drinks. In an only-in-NYC moment, as we walked home from the theatre after the play, among the crowds strolling along Broadway was a fellow nonchalantly walking his goat.

Milioti and Kazee: Guy does not get the Girl, but it’s good entertainment

Same goat, dfferent venue. Apparently she’s seen all aba-a-a-out town (image from

We also saw ABT’s frothy production of Giselle at Lincoln Center. First presented in 1841, it is the oldest continuously-performed ballet. In a perfect world, the original Adolphe Adam score would be consigned to the dustheap and some talented composer would give us music as compelling as the story, but I dunno, maybe that would be considered heresy in the ballet world. An unexpected pleasure was a little promenade on stage by a sleek pair of Borzoi hounds in Act I.

The Wilis in Giselle (NYT image)

Show-stealers! (image from

The weather was iffy this trip, although there was one absolutely perfect mid-trip weekend, which we celebrated by walking up to Isabella’s, one of our favorite eateries on the UWS. If you go, order the chopped salad – it’s the best!

Isabella’s is a great place to dine outside when the weather is nice.

We also had dinner one evening at Jean George’s newly-redecorated Nougatine. The restaurant has a new streamlined look but the menu, for the moment, remains the same. I had forgotten about the divine butterscotch pudding with little nuggets of  sea salt amid the sweetness.

Yummy butterscotch pudding at Nougatine (image from

I’d never spent my birthday in NYC before and it was fun to celebrate at dinner with the CE, Daniel and Angie and her boys.

Happy birthday to me!

I got the most awesome chicken-themed birthday cards, too! I don’t know how she did it, but Katherine created this one:

And this one from Pamela pretty much takes the birthday cake. Notice there are six chickens, just like my flock.

One of our favorite days came right at the end of the trip. Angie had asked us to take her to see the Broadway revival of Evita with Ricky Martin and Elena Roger. It also happened to be Fleet Week in NYC and as we strolled down Broadway before the show, we came upon an area of Times Square where a group of Marines were hosting a pull-up contest and mingling with passersby. They even had their mascot bulldog with them.  It was a big thrill to see all these lovely young men and women in uniform and have the chance to thank them for their service.

Semper Fi!

Both of these handsome guys got a lot of attention.

Evita, by the way, was terrific. Purists will note that the vocals aren’t quite up to Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin’s stellar performances, but that did not detract from the experience. It was artfully staged, well-acted and the music remains among Adnrew Lloyd-Webber’s best. We all loved it! Can’t wait for our next trip to the greatest city of them all.

See it if you can!

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3 Responses to Broadway, Borzois and a Bulldog: another Bite of the Big Apple

  1. dizzyguy says:

    CE here (refuse to become DizzyGuy: Not much to add to The Chicken Lady’s summary of our recent trip. We never tire of the flow of high energy in the city and our encounters with true New Yorkers, who are to be admired for their toughness, amazing abilities, and surprising kindness (described everyone who works in our building, for example). So although we just LOVE the greatest city in the world, we also enjoy coming home to our pastoral existence here, where we are held strictly accountable for our absences by a jury of 4-legged creatures (foreman is Dizzy). So…..its all good!!

  2. That pic of U. Daniel and kids w you is BEYOND. xoxoox

  3. Katherine says:

    While your building must have been taken-aback by the skull-art (?) they must have taken some comfort in the fact that Daniel was toting a steamer. I dare say your decorator is pitching fits over the boxes-in-the-marble-tub. “At least make them Gucci trunks! Cardboard clashes with the towels!”

    Now I really want a goat. Or a balletic Borzoi. Or butterscotch pudding. Or a bulldog. DRAT – I may have to move to NYC. If I bring my own cardboard boxes can I crash in your shower?

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