A clamor has arisen: why does Soho get a birthday party but not Chloe?

What am I? Chopped liver? Oooh, I love chopped liver. That makes me happy!

And the answer I always give is that Chloe does not need a party because in her world, every day is a party.  Chloe is always, always happy. Even when she’s barking her “I think there is a heavily-armed, masked intruder about to break down the front door” bark (this usually just means that our postal carrier is dropping off the mail…) her demeanor tells you that she can hardly wait to greet that masked intruder and offer him milk and cookies.

It's all good, all the time. Can I lick your face with my enormous wet tongue?

I know that everyone thinks theirs is the best dog in the universe, but everyone (except maybe for Katherine) is just wrong. Sorry, but the Best Dog in the Universe trophy undisputedly must go to Chloe. No, she has not yet saved us from a burning building nor can she sing and play the piano at the same time. But she could if she wanted to, I am convinced of that.

Chloe, you might say, lives large. And she is a study in the power of positive reinforcement. She hears the words Good Girl! Beautiful Girl! thirty or forty times a day, which completely outweighs the occasional Bad Girl! she hears when she, say, steals a plate of cat food off of a counter top. Just think of how you might look at life if you were told how wonderful and gorgeous you were all day long every day!

Among her many talents: lifeguarding at the pool

She loves everyone:

What other dog would tolerate this?

Or this?

And Dizzy, who is the most discerning creature we know, has made it clear that his highest affections are reserved for Chloe. And if Dizzy says it’s so, it is so!

Dizzy is happiest when he's cuddled up next to Chloe.

She is always a good sport:

I'll wear whatever you want me to, and I'll keep smiling!

And as big as she is, you can always, 100% of the time count on Chloe to be gentle with children. Did I mention that she is a Good Girl!? Here she is, showing off her giant teeth to PJG and a much-younger Evie:

I love this photo. Evie and Viv with Chloe on Easter day.

For those inquiring minds that want to know, Chloe will turn six on the 16th of September. She will not have a party and she will not care. But she wouldn’t mind at all if you stopped by with a pizzle stick…

Wasn't she a cute puppy?

And don't forget her other talent: she can impersonate a vampire!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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6 Responses to Chloe

  1. dizzyguy says:

    The One…….The Only……..The CHLOE!!!!

    Just a Big Ol’ Gal, and the family sweetheart at the same time.

  2. dizzyguy says:

    I give up. WordPress will not let me be anyone other than Dizzyguy (Dizzy the cat’s guy; an ancient screen name of mine). So goodbye to CE and Hello to Dizzyguy as I do not plan to spend my day trying to figure out how to change this permanently.

  3. Katherine says:

    While I appreciate your sensitivity to me and my good Karma, even I have to admit that Chloe is all she’s cracked up to be. Where does it come from? How does she do it?

    I looked up her name and it means “lush” so that’s something, but that doesn’t quite fill me in.

    An anagram of her full name is “The couch legs” and, well, again, that’s something, but there’s still more.

    Acronym could be
    Compassionate Harmonious Loving Obliging Equitable

    All things we should aspire to be.

    But, to quote Maybelline, was she born with it? Certainly her baby picture is as cute as a button. However, if I can come down on the side of nurture vs nature (and i will because it behooves me in this case) then I’m going to say that it’s the way she was lovingly raised. Which leads me to believe that if we all just moved in with the Polloplayer and the Dizzyguy then the world would be a much nicer place. (Except maybe for the mailmen.)

  4. tdevir says:

    Chloe is so beautiful. Such a face on her. Love the pics with Evie, one of her biggest fans 🙂 Great post for a great dog! xo

  5. pollo amigo says:

    One has to admit that Chloe is one of the superlative dogs of this or any universe. She is dear, sweet, gentle and kind. A wonderful companion to all — humans, other dogs, cats and chickens. She hasn’t had (thank the Lord) to rescue anyone from a burning building, but I’m sure she could if she had to.

  6. Tiny has a thing or two to say about The Best Dog in the World- right after he wakes up. But, I will attest on behalf of him that Chloe is a beauty, inside and out. She’s the ultimate accessory.
    Tina, you have to frame that photo of the three girls. ADORBS

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