Every Dog Has Its Day.

And Saturday belonged to Soho.

I don’t even remember how the tradition got started, but somehow, Soho has managed to throw herself an every-other-year party and a few of her BFF’s braved the fog to help her celebrate her eighth birthday.  Here are some pix:

Diva pink accents were the order of the day.

Q: "Was our invitation lost in the mail?"
A. No, but a number of them actually were! I thought people weren't RSVPing but some of you never got your invites due to fussy USPO envelope regulations. So sorry!

PJG and her friend Marilee

Kirstie prettified Soho and Chloe for the big day and then arrived quite prettified herself.

Watermelon gazpacho! Our caterer, Tammy, outdid herself yet again.

Surf in the turf

Someone else's chickens gave to this cause: deviled egg bar

Katherine greets the birthday girl

Chloe welcomes Bonnie and Jeff

Victoria, Yoni and Missy the Tart

Soho called the doctor. She loves Kirk!

Pamela, Andy and Alexandra

Bonnie, Susie and the fog lurking in the background. Welcome to So Cal!

John, Marie-Christine, and our other birthday girl, Ashleigh

Soho and Julia

All-grown-up Chadd and Lori

Baby Mia! She's just two weeks old and ours was her very first party. Lucky us!

The MRC brain trust. These guys made it happen: Rich, John, Scot and the CE

Cast and characters: Roger, Lynn, Mary Lou and one-armed Marsha

Missy the Tart in her new birthday dress. She had a great day!

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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5 Responses to Every Dog Has Its Day.

  1. pollo amigo says:

    Thank you, Soho, for throwing such a great party. Can’t wait til the big Ten!

  2. Katherine says:

    It was a lovely day, and Soho held up her end of the AKC classification. No herding, hound, or working dog is she. She is party animal thru and thru.

  3. dizzyguy says:

    What a fun time to have all of Soho’s fans there to celebrate (except of course those from out of town). Tammy’s food was fantastic, the decorations were properly festive and we sincerely hope that a good time was had by all of these friends of Soho. Thank you all for coming and we will see you next time.

  4. dizzyguy says:

    Apparently today we have Chicken Emperor = Dizzyguy on WordPress…..

  5. tdevir says:

    What a fun party. The food looks fab! So does Soho in her purple party dress- too cute. Wish we could have been there – count us in for her 10th!
    ps- I won’t show these pics to Buster as he would never forgive me for not letting him attend 🙂

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