Happy to be in NYC

Two weeks in New York are like six months anyplace else. Things move fast here! Especially the temperature – one day it’s squalling wind and in the low 20’s and the next day it’s a balmy 60 degrees. Leave it to NYC to have its own form of March Madness.

Baby, it's cold outside! Brrrr!

As always, this visit has been a magical melding of family, friends, feasts and fun. We’re probably bruised from pinching ourselves so often – can we really be so lucky as to live here part time?

We leap-yeared right in this trip with tix to see Venus in Fur, with its breakthrough role that set dynamo actress Nina Arianda on a collision course with Broadway. The synopsis I read promised “an intellectual adventure and an often funny encounter between an actress and a playwright”.

(image from thetheatresource.com)

The synopsis conveniently forgot to mention that the leggy star spends most of her time on stage wearing a  garter belt and thigh high boots or that a passive-aggressive Hugh Dancy finds himself in emotional and physical bondage to this alpha Aphrodite.

Oops. No one told us!(image from meetsobsession.com)

It may not have been what we expected, but it was most definitely memorable, and playwright David Ives navigates the terrain of relational power shifts at a dizzying speed.

A few evenings later, we toned things down a bit and saw Death of a Salesman with Philip Seymour Hoffman and Andrew Garfield.

Andrew Garfield and Philip Seymour Hoffman play Biff and Willy Loman (image from justjared.com)

Still in previews, this production is not quite yet on steady ground. Both actors seem perfect on paper for their roles yet, to me, seem strangely miscast on the stage. But guess who shines? Arthur Miller! The play may leave you in despair; there’s misery a-plenty for anyone who has been a parent or a child, so that covers pretty much everyone, but “attention must be paid” as this is a timeless work.

Lee J. Cobb, George C. Scott, Dustin Hoffman and Brian Dennehy have also played Willy Loman on Broadway.

I hope the two current stars will find their footing and that the powers-that-be will tighten up Act II. Our review: it was “liked, but not well-liked”.

We were especially excited to see our favorite “off-Broadway” stars, namely friends and family. Angie and Bobby had us over for a scrumptious lunch of chicken and dumplings. It was a perfect meal to help us acclimate to wintry weather.

Angie was kind enough to share the recipe, so I have it if anyone wants it.

Thomas, Grandpa and James

And we’ve hit the jackpot with multiple Daniel sightings:


Daniel and friends Liza and Chris after brunch at Artisanal

We enjoyed a lunch with bibliophiles Sunday and Josh, and got to meet their adorable little Shih-Tzu, Marlowe. And I was thrilled to have dinner with friend and recent NYC transplant Teri – we were so busy catching up that I forgot to get a photo, but I can tell you that the city agrees with her. She looked absolutely stunning and she’s enjoying her new life and job here in the city.

The CE rode the Acela down to WDC to visit Taylor for a weekend to complete our East Coast family circle:

Tay Tay!

And that was just the first week!  More to come…

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5 Responses to Happy to be in NYC

  1. polloplayer says:

    It has been a wonderful visit, as always. The time goes by in pretty much a New York minute, but that is the norm here. Such an exciting, vibrant city; no other like it anywhere in the world that I have seen. And we love, love the NYers! Also, seeing all the East Coast kids (Yo! Tina, you no longer are in this group!) is especially gratifying.

    So as this trip winds down we must transition from a New York State of Mind to a Rhode Island (Red) State of Mind as the hens beckon….

  2. Pamela Gilbert says:

    You’ll find the weather outside quite delightful when you return to SB. Lots of sun and warmth. Of course, we could use some rain, but the sun feels great.

  3. so happy to have you back east again! looking fwd to your return as James asks every day to go to G’pa and Nana’s house now! xo

  4. tdevir says:

    I do miss being out East during your NYC-visits! Always such fun! Those dumplings look amazing …. glad you guys had an action-packed and exciting trip!

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