One less chicken; life goes on.

I was in LA one night recently and took Victoria out for a belated birthday dinner. Have you ever been to Mastro’s? It is probably not on Weight Watcher’s preferred list of restaurants, if they even have such a thing. Mastro’s would probably bill themselves as a steak and seafood restaurant, but in truth, they are a calorie restaurant. Calories, calories and more calories. If you’re in search of calories, Mastro’s is your place. I’m guessing even the ice water has a gazillion calories.

Is this what you think it is? YES!

We ordered steaks and then shared sides and the famous (infamous) Mastro’s Butter Cake, which is accompanied by a cast iron platter of whipped cream. Enough for a party of, say, twelve. We each took home lots of leftovers.

Happy caloric birthday, Victoria!

After that bacchanal, the wine-tasting excursion with Pollo Amiga and Alexandra last weekend seemed downright sedate.


It could not have been a more beautiful day up in the Santa Ynez Valley, and we began our visit with a tasting at Zaca Mesa winery, where I picked up some very nice 2008 estate-grown Syrah. Then we had lunch at Los Olivos Cafe. which is always a treat, and stopped by another winery before heading home.

All of this is by way of NOT talking about chickens in the aftermath of losing Autumn. Thanks to all for the many kind expressions of sympathy over her loss. Cathy, who, along with Kirstie, is responsible for Soho and Chloe’s beautification rituals, surprised me one day with this little movie she took of Hope and Autumn in happier days. Such a nice memento to have, and you can see what I mean about Autumn being a “people person”.

I think of Autumn often, and especially when I do the head count, which is several times a day. Five, six…and then I am reminded there is no longer a seventh. The flock, however, seems to have adjusted to Autumn’s departure. Hope’s new right-hand hen is Tulip, and the two of them have taken a few walkabouts on their own, presumably to gossip about the shortcomings of the other four. One day I found them sun-bathing in a dirt patch near the pool; another day they were swapping secrets over on the courtyard. They have a lot to talk about!

Second in command?

And, wonder of wonders, Coco has decided to lay eggs again. After three months of nada, we are getting lovely light-green eggs from her again Maybe she has a Winter Break written into her contract?

With more laying activity, we get the occasional gridlock in the nesting box:

"But she's sitting on MY egg!"

Indeed she is. There's Lucy's egg, Coco's egg and a few golf balls for good measure.

The end justifies the means!

Everyone is now laying except for Hope and Luna. Hope gets a pass – she’s two-and-a-half, just finished molting and lost her sister. Luna, what in the name of all that fuzz between your ears is your excuse?

Uhhhhh, just a minute, I'm thinking of an answer...

About polloplayer

Empty nester searching for meaning of life through the occasional chicken epiphany.
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4 Responses to One less chicken; life goes on.

  1. Chicken Emperor says:

    The reason that Luna will never lay an egg is the same reason that Marilyn Monroe never washed dishes or did her own laundry. Any fool can see that.

  2. A says:

    Luna is WAY too busy being attractive to stoop as low as to provide you a meal!

  3. Pamela Gilbert says:

    Sweet movie. May Autumn rest in peace. She was a great chicken.

  4. vdubbs says:

    what a fun night- drooling just thinking about that dinner!! thank you so much m2.
    love the mother daughter photo- get that framed for your bed side table Alexandra.

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