Pullet Pin-Up

No one is immune to the allure of a fine-looking chick. Admit it –  this beauty is irresistible:

Gorgeous girl!

Her name, appropriately, is Sophia LoHen. She lives somewhere near us in Southern California, I believe, but like any big star, she keeps her personal details to herself. I can tell you that she is a Sicilian Buttercup, which means she will likely live up to the passionate, tempestuous nature of her namesake. A Mediterranean breed, Sicilian Buttercups are known to be fidgety, even flighty to the point of avoiding human contact. Hey, if you were this beautiful, would you deign to mix with the common folk?

Kind of hard to tell from the photo, but these birds have a unique comb:

The comb is almost like a crown, which a bird this beautiful most certainly merits! (image from timmyandfriends.blogspot.com)

This breed’s arrival in North America seems to be disputed. According to Mypetchicken.com, the American Standard of Perfection states that “100% of the Buttercup stock in North America came from hatching eggs brought here in 1892”. However, the esteemed Henderson’s Breed Chart notes that the American version of this breed was developed in Massachusetts as early as 1835 but no later than 1860 from stock purchased in Sicily and brought back to C. Carroll Loring by a Captain Dawes.

For me, the burning question is this: are they part of the Corl-egg-eone family?

(image from cinematicwallpapers.com)

Thanks to Katherine for passing along this little bit of eye candy!

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2 Responses to Pullet Pin-Up

  1. Katherine says:

    Rumor has it that she’s a young-chick (but even imdb doesn’t know her exact age.) I suspect she’ll “fill-et out” to be full-breasted like her name-sake.

  2. Katherine says:

    I say we need more chickens named after famous actresses. Who’s with me? C’mon: Renee Zellw-egg-er? Scarlett Jo-hen-sson? Audrey Henbern? Teri Hatch-er? Lindsay Lo-hen?

    Rooster names: Michael Chick-less? Chick Norris? Clark Gobble?

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