Best bet: a full house!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…chaos. Other people (who are they, anyway?) have orderly little Christmas holidays  – they string popcorn garlands and go caroling and  order those high-ticket fantasy gifts from the extravaganza known as the Neiman Marcus Christmas book. (Because you see, only people with last names like Neiman and Marcus use the word “Christmas” anymore – go figure!)

For $75,000 you could escape to this "dream folly" yurt from Neiman Marcus when the spiked eggnog runs out.

Oh, and speaking of fantasies, permit me to brag just a bit here. Son Daniel just scored a coup (not a coop, unfortunately, he doesn’t really resonate with my chickens) by organizing a holiday employee event for the agency where he interns that was so spectacular it attracted the attention of the Wall Street Journal.

The "Amazing Race" concept made for a festive replacement to the traditional ho-hum office party. (image from Wall Street Journal)

Employees were sent on a fantastical “Amazing Race” mission throughout New York City to fulfill a long and creative list of directives. “Hug something fuzzy” was one (Daniel’s idea, of course!). According to the WSJ, “The Chandelier Challenge was the brainchild of agency director Richard Christiansen, his twin brother and managing director Geoffrey, and their intern, Columbia University classics major Daniel Gutsche, who figured out the logistics.” Yes, that would be the brilliant and accomplished Daniel who is graduating in May and who is eminently hire-able. Spread the word!

What could be fuzzier to hug than Elmo? (image from Chandelier Creative)

Instead of basking in all his well-deserved glory, however, Daniel is currently marooned here at home trying to get some sleep with nephews Thomas and James in the room next to his. Taylor is here, too. And the CE’s sister, Gail, with her bf, Paul, who are staying (wisely) at PG’s. Tina, John, Evie and Viv will arrive (cleverly) just in time for Christmas dinner.  Let’s see, that makes for a couple of pairs and at least four of a kind. If we were at the poker table, I’d be feeling flush but as the hostess I think I’m just hyperventilating.  I’m hoping Santa will show up, but I know for certain that our family would never have made the cut for Norman Rockwell.

This family we're not...(image from

A few family snaps:

Lunch at the Palace Cafe is one of Gail's favorite traditions when she and Paul visit.

Bobby and Angie are always happy to see Chloe.

Blonde chicks: Angie and Luna

A gaggle of guys: the CE, Thomas, Taylor, James, Daniel and Bobby


Gail, the CE and PG

My favorite Christmas present: having my boys home!

It’s getting crazier by the minute here and the only thing of which I am completely certain is that the 29-lb turkey in our fridge is not going to cook himself. So much to do and I’m so far behind. But having everyone here is most definitely a winning hand, so I’m going all in – see you on the other side of Christmas!

Chloe loves her Christmas present from Katherine!

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4 Responses to Best bet: a full house!

  1. Katherine says:

    Chloe’s not hard to shop for – if it fits in her mouth (even if it doesn’t) and she can carry it around, she’ll like it. I didn’t even have to go to Needless Mark-up!

    The “Amazing race” party is sheer brilliance. I would hire him on those credentials alone.

    I’ll take the “gaggle of guys” picture for the win – 6 of a kind (handsome men) beats anything.

    I heard the CE won a tournament this week. Obviously he actually won the lottery, having his family all here for Christmas, and having a wonderful family every day of the year.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Emily says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and all your girls ( of the chicken kind!)

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